28 February 2009

i know its supposed to be top-shelf, but i really don't understand why people drink patron but thats really just a lament. at this very moment i am listening to WAVVES which i think is top-shelf. its really kind of great, and is pulling me out of whatever post-patron/gentelman,pbr funk i am in as a result of last night and that also resulted in having to wake up at 7 in order to leave the house we arrived at last night. the weird thing is as caught up as i may get with this band its going to get knocked out of my head in a few hours because i am getting ready to go downtown and see witch. i don't feel comfortable calling it a j. mascis side project so i won't, but its going to be kick ass either way. its been awhile since i've been to a show so i must admit expectations are slightly high but no higher then my expectations for the watchmen next week. one of the opening bands is called vincent black shadow so they must be good since they take their name from a line in fear & loathing.

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