09 February 2009

i must be growing up because seeings how instead of watching gossip girl i watched the address to the nation. to be fair gg was a repeat episode, but either way i would have watched the man speak tonight. i'm not a political political person, but i am capable of listening. i thought he sounded pretty good. he managed to still sound like he was the people's champ and not some douchenozzle, and at this point i think that is fairly important. he talked about that town in indiana a whole bunch, but i think in a grander sense that was a good thing in the sense that he was merely trying to remind us that he cares about all of us. obviously he talked about the economy a lot, but again that's a good thing. yeah, he lacquered it all on pretty thick but at this juncture i think thats the way it needs to be presented. but again, i am not a politico. merely a note or two on what i picked up. the terminator came on television afterwards so i guess the press conference couldn't have been too terribly uplifting, but it sends the mind to other places. watching arnold in action makes me wonder if this new terminator movie is going to suck or not. right now 60% thinks it will be at least pretty ok and most of that comes from the fact there will be a lot of shit blowing up in the movie and any movie that has shit blowing up is normally pretty good. the guy directing the new one is called McG which I find slightly troublesome. IMDB says that he is responsible for the charlie's angels movies. yeesh. so its all still fairly up in the air, but there were little things that made the first real rad like the fact that john connor wore a public enemy t-shirt and that its got lt. van buren from law & order in it. i mean it was cool on a larger scope talking all about how humans aren't really going to make it because it is our nature to destroy and all that.

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