16 February 2009

i tried watching the nba all-star game, but i only made it until midway through the second quarter. it went a bit flat after that. kind of like a can of natty light. on the surface it still looked good in the sense that beer is beer and the idea of the the worlds best basketball players playing one another are both very kick-ass at least in theory. also to be fair part of the reason i stopped watching was to watch rock of love instead. i'm a fan, always have, but at the same time theres something off about this season. theres always somebody to root for, but this year its kind of hard to figure out who. like in the 1st season, there was sam who had lots and lots of rad tattoos and listened to pantera, but was not totally comfortable with the rock and roll lifestyle and as a result of that cried a lot. and in the 2nd season, there was jessica, who actually made it pretty far but met her demise as she met the bottom of the bottle. she oozed innocence which made it slightly strange since see was trying to hook up with bret michaels, but she came across somewhat sharp so as a viewer you started to assume that she knew what she was doing. not sharp sharp, but when she did the voice over stuff she was always pointing how dumb shit was and was capable of making fun of herself so sharp in that sense. double conscious if you will. the previews for the next one look pretty great mostly because you hear big john say "all i asked was that you guys not act like sluts." and either way shit is definitely better than flavor of love 3. but everything is still ok. its nothing that a few episodes of law & order: criminal intent can't fix. (author's note: that show is like totally awesome. watching gorem try to figure shit out and then he finally does and then he explains it all in a very open display so everyone sees how smart he is and shit. its kind of a modern twist on sherlock holmes or something in that vein.) and for the record, other then the man currently in office and just like him as well lincoln is my favorite president. 

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