11 February 2009

i was in the record store today, and i heard at least half of the new lily allen album. i don't know if it was really half or not, but i heard at least 6 songs before the girl behind the counter changed it. i would be down to listen to it again for several reasons and there was this one song where said fuck you a bunch of times, and for whatever reason i really respond to songs with messages like that. while i never officially owned the last album, i heard it a few times and liked it well enough. i'm thinking the new one might be better, but this isn't exactly my arena of expertise. i do like lily allen, although i think part of that stems from the fact that people are always hating and for whatever reason i think i'm supposed to stand up for her. actually truth be told i don't know that many people that actually hate, but i'm on perezhilton a lot and he's always hating and criticizing and i guess its ok because thats what he does but at the same time i wish he would hate on someone else. i got caught up doing other shit last night, but i had really meant to watch that t.i. road to redemption show. it looks promising to say the least. even if it just ends up being like an episode of made with t.i. as the life coach that still wouldn't be too bad. fortunately mtv only has like 5 shows and they play them all on repeat every day several times. maybe afterwards, there can be a chris brown road to redemption show. i must say i hope this shit gets straightened out its really hard reading news articles and seeing my own name attached to such violent words. on some hip hop sites they're starting to call him chris "pimp hand" brown. i really hope that doesn't stick. thats not really a nickname that i can sport.  

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