18 February 2009

nahright just posted an article via mtv that says jay-z is still still working on the blueprint 3, and that since he is his own boss that there is really no rush to get it out by a particular time. on the plus side, it means that hov is taking his time to make the sure the album is as good as humanly possible, and since it is the blueprint 3 its supposed to be phenomenal. initially there was some debate about who was going to produce the album, but now all signs seem to indicate that this is kanye's creation. another plus since kanye rules. kanye did some interview the other day, and he said that one of the beats he created will go down in history as one of the greatest hip hop beats ever. mr. west has always been one for hyperbole, but this one may hold some weight. even still, one would think that 'ye and jay would have this album done by now, but there must be a method to the madness. its worth noting that eminem, fiddy, and dre are all releasing albums in 09 as well, and i think jay is waiting to see how those turn out so he can release bp3 and bury all of them. curtis jackson has been talking a lot of shit about kanye and wayne, and it seems part of it is because he knows his boys (em and dre) are releasing albums this year so even his shiteous album can't hurt the aftermath camp too much. but that is faulty thinking because jay will ether all three of them with bp3. it all matches up pretty well in a 3 on 3 match-up. dre vs. 'ye in the producer first rapper second match up. curtis vs. wayne in the sheer popular rapper match up, and jay vs. em in the two of the best ever match up. its a good one kind of like cavs vs. lakers, but just like that one at the end of the day its kind of obvious who would win. the lakers or in this case jay, 'ye, and weezy baby. i mean lebron cannot carry an entire team just like em can't at least in this case. not to mention at this point "crack a bottle" really isn't that great. "brooklyn we go hard" > "jockin' jay-z" > "crack a bottle". score a point for jay and 'ye. (interesting sidenote: in the mtv article, jay said that he has been letting lebron listen to tracks off of bp3 in order to get feedback. apparently, lebron is one to pay attention to lyrics and offers feedback based on that. another point for jay's side)

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