25 February 2009

once in class i learned the term "liminality", which in its most basic form means that you can either go with this or you can go with that. this is exactly what happened last night. THIS or THAT. i was told to bring a cd for the car ride, and brought the first option from the last sentence. i figured that when people are going out on a tuesday night to drink whiskey in an apartment with no furniture or television set that this sort of music would be appropriate. apparently, this was not the case as the every one else went for the that. for the sake of full disclosure, i did not like this album. i liked youth & young manhood and aha shake heartbreak, but this no one just rubbed me the wrong way. last night, one of the ringing endorsements for this album was that the lyrics were about drinking wine and smoking cigarettes and how gosh darn cool that is, but you know what's cooler? it's cooler when the songs are about that and the band sounds like they are indulging in both while recording. without that it just becomes kind of hollow and overly polished, and if the band is doing something different then what i am doing well then shit i may as well be listening to hip hop because the beautiful thing about hip hop is that there is grand storytelling and conceivably i will not be experiencing any of that so i may as well listen and enjoy. also apparently, cut copy has too much of an 80s dance vibe and the synth is just too much but c'mon at least there isn't misinterpreted substance in it. the songs are about lights and music and basic simplicities, and not about what i presume is a song about a broad with a venereal disease. i thought i had brought a good selection, but i guess i was wrong. what am i supposed to do next time? does that mean i shouldn't bring out the new animal collective album or the latest from tv on the radio because those albums sometimes make me want to dance and i thought people have a good time when they dance which is why i brought the cut copy in the first place. but no, apparently time must stop so i can hear about this brand new band called M G M T, and i say oh i haven't heard of this but i have heard of band called management that go by the abbreviation MGMT is that the same band and then in the back of my mind i think at least there is still passion pit. i'm not trying to sound petty or elitist or condescending but its hard to please the people when they don't like wilco or only want to listen to the last radiohead album or just that one song off of my morning jacket's Z album or only like 30 seconds of a pavement and that goes for "cut your hair" too. this was a post about frustration. and this was a post about disappointment. and this was a post made possible after finally making it home and being able to put daydream nation on.

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