12 February 2009

some say this is a hoax. others say he's just off his rocker. i mean THIS isn't too terribly promising, but maybe he's just working the kinks out. joaquin phoenix is purportedly delving into hip hop. he's retiring from acting to pursue his career as an MC. naturally of course, there is a documentary being made chronicling his transition. its all really whatever. i mean if i were in a steaming pile like signs then i would want to retire too. last night, he was on letterman. WATCH HERE.  now there is widespread speculation that he must be "taking something". this i don't really believe at all. he might be high on the michael phelps shit, but i don't think its anything past that. actually that could probably explain all of this. when people smoke grass, one of the first things they determine is that they can rap and its not even that faulty of model to follow. weezy says he smokes weed by the acre, a claim i don't think anyone doubts, and he scored 8 grammy nods including best rap album of the year. pot and hip hop go hand in hand, and it seems that joaquin phoenix has figured out this formula as well. in regards to the letterman interview, he just seems real high. he doesn't say a whole lot, but it just seems like he got super high in the green room and then went out on stage and was like "shit, there are a bunch of people here and oh man these lights are really bright. and look at the gap in lettermans teeth. shit dude i would rather be in my hotel listening to 36 chambers". and with all this clatter going on in his head no wonder he couldn't fully pay attention and go on with the interview. or maybe he's just more of a conan fan...

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