10 February 2009

Wire Tap: If Rappers Were Characters From The Wire

Wire Tap: If Rappers Were Characters From The Wire

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this shit was pretty dead on. for the sake of full disclosure, i was/am an enormous fan of The Wire. it was one the most gripping, captivating, intriguing things that i have ever spent time watching in my entire life. none of that is hyperbolic by the way. i wrote this absurd paper about homosexuality in hip hop, and a bulk of my argument centered around the idea that if a character like Omar could exist then a real gay gangster could exist in the hip hop community. i even went so far as to spin hypothetical yarns about whether or not a certain rapper was in fact. i'm not posting that on here because i don't want to diss someone and then start a gang war or something. only nice things. but this list was pretty great. i'm not crazy about equating jay-z to stringer bell, but thats only because of the shakespearean-esque tragic fall that stringer goes through. the idea of jay taking a fall like that is too much for me, and to be fair he did release kingdom come which is enough of a stumble anyway. some of these other one were just dead on it seemed. wayne as bodie, game as clay davis, t.i. as michael. those are ones that not only do i agree with but i kick maself for not putting into words sooner. others just bordered on hilarity like charles hamilton as dukie and asher roth as mcnulty. either way this shit was tight, and a bit of a pick me up after a day of sportscenter that is dominated by alex rodriguez. yeesh. everybody in baseball (except for cal ripken) has taken steroids and everybody still does. i thought everybody knew this by now.

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