30 March 2009

rock of love wasn't on last night, but truth be told i could kinda care less. its gone kinda flat, and in a weird way has become sort of annoying. sxsw was last week, and its always been my understanding that bands play there and then blow up and are a part of everybody's consciousness, but i'm starting to get the feeling that this did not happen this year at least not yet. i mean maybe wavves is blowing up, and not to sound like a dick or anything but i was already listening to him before sxsw. same thing with vivian girls. i feel like people already knew who they were before, but really what do i know. i thought this was going to be high tide season on the music blogs to read about brand new bands that "broke" at sxsw, but the articles i read its like i already have that. sheeeeeit. i'm not complaining by the way and i would hate that it appears that way, but i'm just saying. i think if anything this more of a reflection of the sign of the times. just kind of drifting through in and out and looking for something to hook on to but not finding anything. again not complaining or even lamenting just saying. but its really not that bad and i will continue to spend my time listening to that new up and coming band r.e.m.

27 March 2009

kind of funny for a friday afternoon

25 March 2009

Jay-Z's Secrets for Personal Success at Best Life Online.com

pretty good article. informative and engaging.

17 March 2009

16 March 2009

i did a triple feature last night so i didn't see rock of love until now that is. oh snap. ashley raised a very good point after she got bounced. there is going to be no more fun. this show might actually get kind of boring. all that's left is beverly' s hardcore drinking problem, taya's overreaction to each and every single that happens, mindy's emotional high-maintenance, and the girl from brooklyn who to be fair hasn't really done anything but made out with bret one time and as bret likes to point is out is really hot. she may end up winning this shit. truth be told, i did not see this happening. there are no blondes left. there are no blondes left on bret michaels' reality dating show. how did this happen? i like how ashley's baby daddy was a kinda large dude, and when he showed up he said he was taking ashley with him and there was absolutely no argument from bret about it. yeah she was there until the end of the episode, but bret seemed a bit too willing to let her go. if anything, it could be called the daisy effect. they were fairly similar. both were blonde. both had serious ink. both were augmented. both still lived with their exes. but since daisy kinda fucked bret over in season 2, ashley gets bounced in season 3. thats kind of been the problem that has been plagued this entire season. everyone on this season is just like a facsimile in one way or another of a contestant from a past season. some of this still has to play itself out, but bret called beverly out early as one of his favorites and despite the fact that she cracks more and more every week bret keeps her around. i still think she's going to go next in order to set up a mindy/taya finale with the brooklyn girl (i seriously cannot remember her name) serving as the spoiler but at the same times its all kind of whatever. a nation to its lonely eyes to you bret michaels and you shitted all over us giving us pink eye in the process. so yeah we'll keep watching while this hypothetical pink eye runs its course but we are just about ready for danzig to take over. scratch that, bring on danzig!

13 March 2009

so for the sake of full disclosure i watch the view in the morning while i drink my second cup of coffee. its whatever its just something i do cause normally by that point i've already watched sportscenter twice and any more then that would just be overkill, but i digress. today, heidi and spencer from the hills were on. why i'm not exactly sure. at first i thought they were coming on to discuss republican ideology with elisabeth mainly because they are the only quasi-famous republican supporters i can think of off the top of my head. alas, they were only there to hype the new season of the hills but that kind of made it interesting at the same time. spencer and heidi got owned by the ladies on the view. like barbara and crew completely ethered them on the preposterous nature of the show and they more less called the show retarted but said so in much nicer terms. they started off by asking questions about the marriage because on the last season of the hills spencer and heidi absconded to mexico to get married but returned to america only to find out that their marriage was not legit because it happened in mexico and then they went to the courthouse to get a real legal one but then spencer didn't say i do and thats more or less how the season ended. so the ladies were like "what's up. whens the wedding?" and spencer and heidi were all like "oh well you know spencer doesn't get along with heidi's mother so we're kinda stalled and its just all very stressful blah blah blah etc etc." so whoopi was like why don't you stop acting like a jackass and go to colorado and make nice with heidi's mom and then get married to which spencer said that was just one of the problems facing the impending marriage because picking out flowers is difficult y'all. this was actually the only whoopi spoke during the whole interview and one point admitted that she did not understand why spiedi were famous or what they were doing on the show which only confirms why whoopi is the best one and this time it has nothing to do with the fact that she still smokes pot. and then sherri followed that by pointing out that if its already getting too stressful how exactly do they plan on getting married since you know that shit is stressful and what not. and then speidi were like well we're still young so we don't want to rush anything and we don't want kids yet or anything which led joy to say why so why would you want to get married then in the first place unless this is just some elaborate ploy for the heads at MTV. that was kind of great cause it clearly knocked speidi back on their heels a little bit. and then barbara finally asked whether or not the show was real and even though any faithful reader of perez knows that it is not. speidi insisted that it was all legitimate. and then spencer got on a soap box and started talking about how everything is totally real and how the paparazzi manufactures on all these fake elements to take away from their actual lives or some shit like that. an interesting response to say the least because if you're like me and comb the gossip blogs then you know damn well that they call paparazzi themselves because how else are there photographers on a deserted beach while they cavort around pretending to film music videos. or like that one time they just happened to be taking karate lessons and paps just happened to be there. and that doesn't even include the fake honeymoon pictures from the fake wedding which included one picture of heidi straight up bent over as she got out of a pool. desperate much? but by the far the best staged pap shots had to be the ones where spencer is wearing a flannel shirt with a hunting rifle slung over his shoulder while carrying a 6 pack of budweiser and heidi is carrying a bible and coincidentally enough they both are wearing mccain shirts. i mean are we as the general public supposed to believe that the paps have some sort of ESP and thats how they know how to be there? you would think for two people who earn $65,000 a piece for each episode of a fake reality show in which they appear they wouldn't be so hard up for attention, but then again they star in a fake reality show. i will concede that today has been a bit of a slow news day, and that this week's american idol was a little underwhelming but at the same time the ladies on the view are not exactly anderson cooper so its not like they ask hard hitting questions but rather fairly basic ones so even while they lobbed softballs speidi was whiffing. its a sad state of affairs.

09 March 2009

it was my initial intention to talk about the last night's episode of rock of love and how great it is now that farrah got sent packing and how the previews for next week show punches being thrown, but i have since changed my mind.  biggie died 12 years ago today. the notorious b.i.g. was shot 12 years ago today. i actually remember when this happened. i was in the fifth grade, but that notwithstanding i still had hypnotize on tape. at that age i couldn't go and cop the album, but i could buy the single which worked out real nice because "i got a story to tell" was the b side on the tape. i remember seeing the funeral procession on television, and not fully understanding how this happened. biggie was and is my favorite, but at that time i thought that if a performer died then you had to start listening to something else. that's some weak shit now, but fortunately biggie has come back to me in a no pun intended big way. as i've gotten older i feel like hip hop has fallen off. it seems like now we are living in the last days of gangster rap. none of these rappers are actually gangsters. wind the clock back five years, and 50 cent was the biggest deal in the universe. "in da club" was everybody's favorite song and he had the eminem co-sign so he was on the radio and BET and MTV. but then kanye came on the scene and he changed everything. i mean he was already known for his work as a producer but now he was rapping and shit. and unlike 50 who rapped about shooting, getting shot, and who he'd shoot next kanye was rhyming about going to college and jesus and his moms. and that shit banged. people began to realize that if the beats are dope and there rhymes are at least entertaining then the artist could shine. its not only that. when you really break hip hop down its really about who can talk shit the best. at first 50 was good at this or at least he was effective but he could talk about being shot 9 times so its not like a whole lot of people could argue with him. the thing is though that kanye talks shit better then anybody else. he doesn't give a fuck in some regards so he really will say anything and couple that with the right beat and you have the most popular rapper in the land at the time. if kanye hadn't come out and done his thing then there probably wouldn't have been the wayne explosion of 2008. weezy might be a gangster or might not its kind of hard to tell, but he doesn't look all that gangster being 5'6 so at the very least he doesn't look like a conventional gangster. but it doesn't matter because we as consumers have already learned to look past the surface and dwell strictly on what is being said and when that happens wayne becomes really awesome because he is phenomenal at talking shit. he's better then kanye because he's a better rapper so he can squeeze in more with each bar. "the only time i'll give in is when i'm 70 years old/thats when i can't hold my shit within/so i shit myself/because i'm so sick and tired of shitting on everybody else."anyway that is the current state, and its like that because b.ig. is gone. there wouldn't be all this debate about swagger and bling if b.i.g. were still around. everyone would just shut the fuck up. he had that shit to talk about, but he was also able to take it farther. biggie was a grand storyteller. he didn't just weave tales he put you in a certain place at a particular time. i'm trapped in suburbia so i'm not going to be getting my hustle on in brooklyn, but when i listen to biggie i can't make that distinction. he was as he said "ugly as hell" but when you listen to him its no wonder why he was bangin' broads out eight days a week. he was the best. ever. at a time when the west was running shit, biggie snatched it back for the east. he started making noise, and it turned out that there was no one would could quiet him down or be louder. and there still isn't. so spark one up and pour one out today because dude is gone.

06 March 2009

i came clean, and now moments later i am reading that kanye west is going to be on the show next week. i hope he performs with auto-tune that would take idol to a whole other level. somehow i get the feeling that even simon can't hate on the auto-tune and that he totally digs kanye. i'm sure randy does. 
i think i need to come clean about this before it catches up with me. i watch american idol. i don't just sit there and watch it. i WATCH it and yell at the tv and occasionally muse to myself that so and so "really brought it" or "they have the it factor". i don't actually yell at the tv, but there are times where i don't agree. the thing about idol is and this took awhile for me to realize, but the thing is simon is always right. if simon says its good then it is simple as that. they try to make him look like the bad guy, but in all actuality i think he's just the sober one. as the show has worn on, paula has relied more and more heavily on her cocktail combo of xanax, zoloft, and oxy. and its not just her. randy hangs out in some hotel room with either michael phelps or snoop dogg or maybe both because dude has not properly articulated since like the third season. "dog, that was something else. it was all like ahhhh. i mean seriously dog you did something. it was like whoa. i mean that dog." and then there is this new judge who i don't even know. from what i have seen so far she must have gone to college and gotten a marketing degree because her feedback to the contestants always centers around their marketability and what package they should attempt to represent. she's always telling these girls on the show that they need to be after the woman empowerment pop vibe. well according to wikipedia she does have chops and has done some shit to get to this point and she used to work for billboard so i guess that's where the marketability stuff comes from. but she went to duke and thats not real cool. (sorry its march which means its college basketball time and i have personal problems with duke. duke is one of those teams they are on a level with the yankees and the cowboys in all out rottenness). i had been resisting this post for the past couple of weeks but now that the field has been whittled down to 13 its about time for shit to start. i think that alexis the girl with pink highlights is the one to beat. the guy that kind of looks like robert downey jr. and sang the mariah carey song he's up there too but i get the feeling if he has one bad performance he'll be gone like super quick. i like girl with the big tattoo on her arm, and i like her awkward dancing even more. these last two weeks i got the feeling that she really wanted to sing an amy winehouse song and she couldn't for whatever reason so she responded by doing that doo-wop thing with her arms. and personally i'll be rooting for anoop every week just because and because the chances of randy calling him anoop dogg is highly likely and that makes for great television. 

03 March 2009

earlier i was on the fence, but i think now i'm down. another trailer for the new terminator movie has surfaced online, and this one more or less rules. it laid out a little bit more of the story, and the robots look real super badass and most importantly there was lots of shit blowing up which by far is the most important thing in any movie. this comes as a plus because last night i was watching leno which i hope doesn't become a regular habit but i must admit i am very lost in the late night sea now that conan won't be back on air until june. anyway he had the girl who is playing the silk spectre in the watchmen on, and all of the sudden i became very concerned about the movie. she was really boring as a guest which happens from time to time, and didn't really bother me too much because in the comic the silk spectre is one of the more underdeveloped characters. but then they showed a clip which i found curious because normally when an actor shows a clip it depicts some of that actor's range and abilites in the product that they have been working on. but in the clip was fairly long and this lady said a total of three lines: "ok", "let's go", and "alright". not only that but at least half of the action was going in slow-motion which can be expected from a zack snyder movie but at the same time does that mean the whole movie is going to be like that? on the plus, it looked really cool visually but i'm starting to wonder if that is going to be enough.  

02 March 2009

on a higher note, the show last night was totally rad. witch was like epically awesome. earthless set it up though i must admit. they played for nearly an hour and there was only one song that involved words at all. it was like one vicious jam up to that point. oh, and i was standing 7 feet away from j. mascis during the set. earthless really was something else. i felt like jon osterman locked in the chamber before he becomes dr. manhattan. it just tore through me and turned everything inside out and then right side out again. and then in the new skin, witch came out and just totally ruled. the opening band was called the flying eyes and said they were from baltimore, and had one of the lines of the night when they said "buy our album because we're broke as shit." baltimore manners for sure. the singer was a bit of a character too. he looked like jeff spicoli and seemed to have gone to the jim morrison school for stage presence all while having diction like nick cave. i hope that comes across as a compliment because it is. with the whole jim morrison thing, i kind of got the impression that he actually watched a video montage of the lizard king's stage antics and then applied them. kind of like in that movie "school of rock" when jack black shows the class a video of live music and then you see them taking mental notes to be applied later. vincent black shadow was pretty sweet, and officially marked the first time i saw a grindcore band live or at least what i think was grindcore. so shit was tight and set other shit straight.

01 March 2009