03 March 2009

earlier i was on the fence, but i think now i'm down. another trailer for the new terminator movie has surfaced online, and this one more or less rules. it laid out a little bit more of the story, and the robots look real super badass and most importantly there was lots of shit blowing up which by far is the most important thing in any movie. this comes as a plus because last night i was watching leno which i hope doesn't become a regular habit but i must admit i am very lost in the late night sea now that conan won't be back on air until june. anyway he had the girl who is playing the silk spectre in the watchmen on, and all of the sudden i became very concerned about the movie. she was really boring as a guest which happens from time to time, and didn't really bother me too much because in the comic the silk spectre is one of the more underdeveloped characters. but then they showed a clip which i found curious because normally when an actor shows a clip it depicts some of that actor's range and abilites in the product that they have been working on. but in the clip was fairly long and this lady said a total of three lines: "ok", "let's go", and "alright". not only that but at least half of the action was going in slow-motion which can be expected from a zack snyder movie but at the same time does that mean the whole movie is going to be like that? on the plus, it looked really cool visually but i'm starting to wonder if that is going to be enough.  

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