16 March 2009

i did a triple feature last night so i didn't see rock of love until now that is. oh snap. ashley raised a very good point after she got bounced. there is going to be no more fun. this show might actually get kind of boring. all that's left is beverly' s hardcore drinking problem, taya's overreaction to each and every single that happens, mindy's emotional high-maintenance, and the girl from brooklyn who to be fair hasn't really done anything but made out with bret one time and as bret likes to point is out is really hot. she may end up winning this shit. truth be told, i did not see this happening. there are no blondes left. there are no blondes left on bret michaels' reality dating show. how did this happen? i like how ashley's baby daddy was a kinda large dude, and when he showed up he said he was taking ashley with him and there was absolutely no argument from bret about it. yeah she was there until the end of the episode, but bret seemed a bit too willing to let her go. if anything, it could be called the daisy effect. they were fairly similar. both were blonde. both had serious ink. both were augmented. both still lived with their exes. but since daisy kinda fucked bret over in season 2, ashley gets bounced in season 3. thats kind of been the problem that has been plagued this entire season. everyone on this season is just like a facsimile in one way or another of a contestant from a past season. some of this still has to play itself out, but bret called beverly out early as one of his favorites and despite the fact that she cracks more and more every week bret keeps her around. i still think she's going to go next in order to set up a mindy/taya finale with the brooklyn girl (i seriously cannot remember her name) serving as the spoiler but at the same times its all kind of whatever. a nation to its lonely eyes to you bret michaels and you shitted all over us giving us pink eye in the process. so yeah we'll keep watching while this hypothetical pink eye runs its course but we are just about ready for danzig to take over. scratch that, bring on danzig!

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