06 March 2009

i think i need to come clean about this before it catches up with me. i watch american idol. i don't just sit there and watch it. i WATCH it and yell at the tv and occasionally muse to myself that so and so "really brought it" or "they have the it factor". i don't actually yell at the tv, but there are times where i don't agree. the thing about idol is and this took awhile for me to realize, but the thing is simon is always right. if simon says its good then it is simple as that. they try to make him look like the bad guy, but in all actuality i think he's just the sober one. as the show has worn on, paula has relied more and more heavily on her cocktail combo of xanax, zoloft, and oxy. and its not just her. randy hangs out in some hotel room with either michael phelps or snoop dogg or maybe both because dude has not properly articulated since like the third season. "dog, that was something else. it was all like ahhhh. i mean seriously dog you did something. it was like whoa. i mean that dog." and then there is this new judge who i don't even know. from what i have seen so far she must have gone to college and gotten a marketing degree because her feedback to the contestants always centers around their marketability and what package they should attempt to represent. she's always telling these girls on the show that they need to be after the woman empowerment pop vibe. well according to wikipedia she does have chops and has done some shit to get to this point and she used to work for billboard so i guess that's where the marketability stuff comes from. but she went to duke and thats not real cool. (sorry its march which means its college basketball time and i have personal problems with duke. duke is one of those teams they are on a level with the yankees and the cowboys in all out rottenness). i had been resisting this post for the past couple of weeks but now that the field has been whittled down to 13 its about time for shit to start. i think that alexis the girl with pink highlights is the one to beat. the guy that kind of looks like robert downey jr. and sang the mariah carey song he's up there too but i get the feeling if he has one bad performance he'll be gone like super quick. i like girl with the big tattoo on her arm, and i like her awkward dancing even more. these last two weeks i got the feeling that she really wanted to sing an amy winehouse song and she couldn't for whatever reason so she responded by doing that doo-wop thing with her arms. and personally i'll be rooting for anoop every week just because and because the chances of randy calling him anoop dogg is highly likely and that makes for great television. 

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