09 March 2009

it was my initial intention to talk about the last night's episode of rock of love and how great it is now that farrah got sent packing and how the previews for next week show punches being thrown, but i have since changed my mind.  biggie died 12 years ago today. the notorious b.i.g. was shot 12 years ago today. i actually remember when this happened. i was in the fifth grade, but that notwithstanding i still had hypnotize on tape. at that age i couldn't go and cop the album, but i could buy the single which worked out real nice because "i got a story to tell" was the b side on the tape. i remember seeing the funeral procession on television, and not fully understanding how this happened. biggie was and is my favorite, but at that time i thought that if a performer died then you had to start listening to something else. that's some weak shit now, but fortunately biggie has come back to me in a no pun intended big way. as i've gotten older i feel like hip hop has fallen off. it seems like now we are living in the last days of gangster rap. none of these rappers are actually gangsters. wind the clock back five years, and 50 cent was the biggest deal in the universe. "in da club" was everybody's favorite song and he had the eminem co-sign so he was on the radio and BET and MTV. but then kanye came on the scene and he changed everything. i mean he was already known for his work as a producer but now he was rapping and shit. and unlike 50 who rapped about shooting, getting shot, and who he'd shoot next kanye was rhyming about going to college and jesus and his moms. and that shit banged. people began to realize that if the beats are dope and there rhymes are at least entertaining then the artist could shine. its not only that. when you really break hip hop down its really about who can talk shit the best. at first 50 was good at this or at least he was effective but he could talk about being shot 9 times so its not like a whole lot of people could argue with him. the thing is though that kanye talks shit better then anybody else. he doesn't give a fuck in some regards so he really will say anything and couple that with the right beat and you have the most popular rapper in the land at the time. if kanye hadn't come out and done his thing then there probably wouldn't have been the wayne explosion of 2008. weezy might be a gangster or might not its kind of hard to tell, but he doesn't look all that gangster being 5'6 so at the very least he doesn't look like a conventional gangster. but it doesn't matter because we as consumers have already learned to look past the surface and dwell strictly on what is being said and when that happens wayne becomes really awesome because he is phenomenal at talking shit. he's better then kanye because he's a better rapper so he can squeeze in more with each bar. "the only time i'll give in is when i'm 70 years old/thats when i can't hold my shit within/so i shit myself/because i'm so sick and tired of shitting on everybody else."anyway that is the current state, and its like that because b.ig. is gone. there wouldn't be all this debate about swagger and bling if b.i.g. were still around. everyone would just shut the fuck up. he had that shit to talk about, but he was also able to take it farther. biggie was a grand storyteller. he didn't just weave tales he put you in a certain place at a particular time. i'm trapped in suburbia so i'm not going to be getting my hustle on in brooklyn, but when i listen to biggie i can't make that distinction. he was as he said "ugly as hell" but when you listen to him its no wonder why he was bangin' broads out eight days a week. he was the best. ever. at a time when the west was running shit, biggie snatched it back for the east. he started making noise, and it turned out that there was no one would could quiet him down or be louder. and there still isn't. so spark one up and pour one out today because dude is gone.

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