02 March 2009

on a higher note, the show last night was totally rad. witch was like epically awesome. earthless set it up though i must admit. they played for nearly an hour and there was only one song that involved words at all. it was like one vicious jam up to that point. oh, and i was standing 7 feet away from j. mascis during the set. earthless really was something else. i felt like jon osterman locked in the chamber before he becomes dr. manhattan. it just tore through me and turned everything inside out and then right side out again. and then in the new skin, witch came out and just totally ruled. the opening band was called the flying eyes and said they were from baltimore, and had one of the lines of the night when they said "buy our album because we're broke as shit." baltimore manners for sure. the singer was a bit of a character too. he looked like jeff spicoli and seemed to have gone to the jim morrison school for stage presence all while having diction like nick cave. i hope that comes across as a compliment because it is. with the whole jim morrison thing, i kind of got the impression that he actually watched a video montage of the lizard king's stage antics and then applied them. kind of like in that movie "school of rock" when jack black shows the class a video of live music and then you see them taking mental notes to be applied later. vincent black shadow was pretty sweet, and officially marked the first time i saw a grindcore band live or at least what i think was grindcore. so shit was tight and set other shit straight.

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