30 March 2009

rock of love wasn't on last night, but truth be told i could kinda care less. its gone kinda flat, and in a weird way has become sort of annoying. sxsw was last week, and its always been my understanding that bands play there and then blow up and are a part of everybody's consciousness, but i'm starting to get the feeling that this did not happen this year at least not yet. i mean maybe wavves is blowing up, and not to sound like a dick or anything but i was already listening to him before sxsw. same thing with vivian girls. i feel like people already knew who they were before, but really what do i know. i thought this was going to be high tide season on the music blogs to read about brand new bands that "broke" at sxsw, but the articles i read its like i already have that. sheeeeeit. i'm not complaining by the way and i would hate that it appears that way, but i'm just saying. i think if anything this more of a reflection of the sign of the times. just kind of drifting through in and out and looking for something to hook on to but not finding anything. again not complaining or even lamenting just saying. but its really not that bad and i will continue to spend my time listening to that new up and coming band r.e.m.

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