29 April 2009

I like this song. I will admit that the video is pretty weird, but I'm pretty sure that the song itself is about the main character from "The Karate Kid" movies. I've heard the album, and after a few quality listens I have determined that it is pretty good. Kind of like Bjork, but better for some reason.

This video is a little older, and while it is a little strange as well its kind of awesome as well. I mean, who doesn't like BMX tricks? More importantly, how can one possibly hate on that drum drop in the beginning of the song?

well two things really. first, marlee matlin was on the view this morning and she's kind of a 'g'. like she just wrote this new book about her life and what not and that is interesting and what not via her being deaf, but in the book she talks about when she used to date william hurt and how he used to like beat the shit out of her and what not. spousal abuse is definitely not cool as i'm sure the other chris brown can attest to by now, but its also one of those things that is at least supposed to stay very hush hush like the general public really shouldn't know about it. but she was on the view talking about it, well not talking talking about it but you know. i found the whole thing kind of awesome in the sense that she was just totally upfront about all of it, and if anything she just came across as very witty. it was almost as awesome as last week when lil' wayne was on, and he had all the girls in like this weird kind of tizzy. 
and secondly, american idol. now i am a man first and foremost (or to be more accurate a "bro" since i've been getting called that more and more lately which A. sucks and B. makes me feel inauthentic) so i was watching hockey because it was game 7 of the stanley cup playoffs which is arguably the zenith of competitive sports. however, i have reviewed the tape and i must say i think i owe adam an apology. he straight up owned it last night. it was a "rat pack" theme or whatever, but he came down on this long stairwell singing and then when he reached the bottom the music picked up. it was good, really good. jamie foxx was mentor last night for whatever reason, but it seemed like he helped. he literally got in danny's face in attempt to drum up more feeling, and it looked real weird but it definitely worked because danny sounded great and was even simon-approved. jamie foxx like totally gushed over kris, and said he would do a record with him at any time and then the judges gushed over him too. well randy, kara, and paula did. simon compared the performance to taking  a well-trained cocker spaniel out for a walk in the sense that it would be very pleasant and enjoyable, but its a very low-risk activity. and while this may or may not sound all that earth shattering, it may be. see, every week all the contestants' performances are available for download on itunes so people can download their favorites or whatever. but no numbers are ever released so its never known who is the most popular its supposed to look like they are all even because american idol doesn't want to tip its hand or anything like that. well the other day, there was some major glitch at itunes and the numbers accidentally appeared. and while it should come as no surprise that adam is the most popular since six of his songs are in the top ten for all of itunes but the surprise was that kris is number 2 over danny. every week the show seems to inch more and more towards an adam vs. danny finale but it looks like kris is starting to gain ground and could very well end up in the finale. actually after last night this isn't as much of a surprise as it was like a day before. allison sounded ok, but simon said he had a bad feeling about it which basically translates to mean that she may be going home. i think matt is going to be going home soon as he should which makes it even dumber yet that the judges used their save on him in the first place. but its all really whatever, did i mention that the stanley cup playoffs are going on right now?

26 April 2009

been kind of out and about lately, and while i missed it initially i eventually got around to watching the performances from the last episode of Idol and after watching it is with a heavy heart that I must not accept the fact that Anoop has been eliminated. I knew that with two contestants being eliminated that there was a high potential for shit to not end well. Truth be told, I don't entirely understand why the judges' save was used when it was because honestly if there was ever a time to use it that time was back towards the beginning when alexis was on the chopping block. after two weeks, she was the best out of any of them and i think that that fact becomes more and more clear every week. adam is really not that bad, but he really does tow this line between great and ghastly. it reminds me of that line from "spinal tap": "There really is a fine line between stupid and clever." going with the "donnie darko" version of mad world was a cagey move indeed, but those re-arrangements of "born to be wild" and "ring of fire" not so much. the thing is that the entire show basically boils down to what simon thinks and when it comes to adam that complicates matters even more. some weeks he is in awe with adam, and other weeks he is just kind of shaking his head. when you make people just shake their head, i don't think that is really a quality that a winner of american idol should posses and with that sort of thinking in mind i just don't see adam winning it all. i mean, he might. he has moments, but at the same time i don't really know if he would be the american idol. in terms of winning it all, i would give a slight slight advantage to allison mainly because her biggest competition is the backing band and nothing else really. if any of this were actually real, then anoop would win. he had the singing chops, but more then that he just seemed so above all of the bullshit that surrounds the show. he talked back to the judges. the one week when seacrest was trying to drag out the elimination process, anoop more or less just told him to stop bullshitting and get on with the results. he stepped up when he needed to, and if it had been any other week then he would have been safe. but since they had to eliminate two then that throws everything off. its just kind of lame because one would assume that matt is going to be gone after this week. i mean honestly, how many times can one dude do a justin timberlake-like performance and get away with it. so thats lame, and there are other lame things like how the capitals are having to scramble for their postseason lives and its still only the first round of the playoffs. on the other hand, i saw "cloverfield" the other day and that was definitely not lame. i had resisted seeing it for awhile, but it was pretty awesome. the first 20 minutes are little slow, but it really just gives the viewer time to get used to the fact that the entire movie is filmed via camcorder. but after that, it just takes off. it basically looks like what an american film version of godzilla is supposed to look. i also saw "dream girls" over the weekend as well, and while it contained constant singing it is more important to note that A. all the singing is good and the songs themselves are entertaining and B. eddie murphy is some kind of awesome as the down-and-out singer with drug baggage but who still tries to succeed. if there is any complaint at all it is the fact that there probably should have been a murder or something along those lines. any movie worth a damn has shit blowing up in it, and "dream girls" kinda lacked in the shit-blowing-up department. i mean there was drama, but thats not shit blowing up. 

22 April 2009

Crazy’s what they calling me but crazy’s hardly what I am/
Try creatively retarded or amazingly rewarded/
this is probably the best line i have heard from lil' wayne in awhile. like a while while since his dalliance with "rock" began. i'm in the kind of mood where i think so this would qualify as a positive thing when coupled with the fact that i heard another song where he was rapping and he wasn't using auto-tune! there have actually been a lot of songs with his name on it that have come up as of late. a lot of them have been with this new cat drake, who is signed to young money and who apparently used to be on some canadian teen show or some shit like that. the other day i read that some people were starting to make the argument that drake is the best up-and-coming rapper at the moment, and that he had surged past all of the dudes who were picked by XXL as the Class of '09. truth be told, i haven't really heard any evidence to substantiate and confirm it, but i just can't believe that this is the case. wale's "mixtape about nothing" was real tight and was certainly one of my most favorite albums of the year. charles hamilton and asher roth both make noise a little bit, at least between internet chatter and appearance on MTV. but despite all of that, i think that blu is at the head of the class though. he' s just a dope rapper like period. he is kind of beyond the surface in the sense that he doesn't talk about any of the flashy shit, but rather he raps about himself and what is actually going on around him. he's had ups and downs with ladies. he used to ball, but he doesn't anymore. and occasionally he smokes grass. thats what he raps about and its some of the best hip around at this particular point in time. once he releases a proper album this will probably be much more evident. right now, its just mixtapes with beats done by different dudes on each one and that is really awesome and in no way is this a complaint i just think people would really respond to a proper album. almost like the only thing preventing any of this is this lack of circulation of his shit. maybe thats it. i've never really seen these mixtapes as zhare files. someone has burned them both for me. same dude in fact. i remember the first time he put it on he said he had never listened to it either and he put it on and it just banged. 

20 April 2009

In "Slow Century", a rad movie about the epically awesome Pavement, there is this one part where Stephen Malkmus is talking about the group's third album Wowee Zowee and how it kind of got mixed reviews from fans and critics and during this one particular interview he says that he thinks the reason the album was off was because he was smoking a ton of grass when it came time to get a track list figured out and decide which songs would be the singles for the album and what have you. I always found this to be a kind of funny admission, especially when coupled with a line found in the liner notes of the deluxe reissue of the album when SM says, "A lot of my friends like this Pavement album the best. For instance, it blew Christoff's mind. But wait, I think he was tripping. How's that for an endorsement?" I guess if you didn't know too much about the album, and you just saw those two quotes you would assume that it is some sort of druggie album. But its not. I mean, if hypothetically you were to smoke a bunch of grass and listen to this album then yeah you would like it a whole lot. And yeah, if you were hypothetically tripping and you listened to this album then yeah it would blow your mind. But, it works just as well at other instances. Once, many seasons ago and like a million blog years ago, I got kind of sad and while I don't want to turn this into one of those blogs I will just leave it at the fact that I was unhappy. But anyway, during that time this album was re-released in all its deluxe glory with a slew of extra tracks and out-takes and things of that ilk. In need of a pick-me-up I bought the album and then I went back to my apartment and I put it on. I listened to the entire thing in one sitting, and when it ended I went outside and I smoked a cigarette. Then I came back inside, and I started the album over again. I repeated this process several times that day. I was just so undecided about this album, but it was much more then that. I liked the album. I liked the album a lot, but that wasn't the problem. I couldn't understand why I liked the album the way I did. At this point, I was basically a Pavement newb in the sense that I only owned Slanted and Enchanted and Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. But I kept listening and listening. I thought that "Rattled by the Rush" was one of the better modern rock songs I had ever heard, and I couldn't understand how this did not dominate the radio landscape at the time and how it still does not. "Grounded" is one of my all-time favorite songs period to the point where I had to hijack a line in order to name this blog. "Motion Suggests Itself" into "Father to a Sister of Thought" into "Extradition" into "Best Friend's Arm" to me rivals just about any medley except for maybe the Grateful Dead's (Help on the Way)>Slipknot>Franklin's Tower and that is supposed to go together but with Pavement it just works. Kind of like vegetarian chicken nuggets in the sense that I would rather not try and understand how and why it works, but rather I would just like to enjoy the end result. In a weird, twisted way I kind of think of the entire album as like this one big jam although I'm pretty sure the reason for that is because back when I worked as a pizza delivery driver I recorded the album onto tape so that I could listen to it while I was at work and then by doing so I ended up listening to it over and over and over again to the point where I knew when the drum breaks were coming up and when B0b Nastanovich would be contributing. Alas, I digress. But the thing is, all I can do is digress when I think about this album. I can't narrow it down and pinpoint it. I feel as though I have a better grasp as to what Kid A is about then I do when it comes to why I truly enjoy this album so. On the plus side, today is exactly the kind of day for contemplating such things.  
I watched this movie called "sleepers" last night which was pretty good, but i must admit it was a pretty fucking strange way to ring in today since it is a holiday of sorts and just so there's no confusion i'm talking about celebrating the fact that 23 years ago today michael jordan established a career high for most points in a playoff game when he dropped 63 on the boston celtics in a double overtime game april 20 1986. no that is not what i'm talking about in regards to today being a holiday.

15 April 2009

american idol last night was a bit underwhelming. it started off promising when it was discovered that quentin tarantino would be serving as the mentor for this week, but truth be told it probably would have been better if he had actually been a judge last night. the other problem with last night was that because of the time problems they had last week it was determined that only two judges could talk to a contestant after a performance which was problematic because that cuts into simon's time for feedback. not only that, but they still ran over the allotted time. last night was kind of a "meh" night. no one really dazzled. alison did that aerosmith song from the movie armageddon, and it wasn't bad but it didn't come across as particularly inspired either. while she may be the best performer out of the whole lot its starting to get to that time where she should take a bold chance on something. and while this may be biased, anoop may have had the best performance of the night. he sounded really good, and its starting to look that he is just beginning to peak. adam did "born to be wild", and the thing is while he is an impressive singer and someone who is very easy to hate on the song still wasn't that great. the arrangement was changed around, and while it was possibly for the better the dude kept wailing like he was robert plant. the only thing i could think of the entire time was that i was pretty sure that the darkness need a new lead singer and that adam would be an ideal candidate for that position. either that, or he should cover "i believe in a thing called love" one of these weeks because thats exactly what his voice sounded like last night. unnecessary falsetto on top of more falsetto. the more i start to think about it the more i start to wonder whether adam is in fact the lead singer of the darkness is disguise. although none of this probably matters because its not like he is going to get eliminated tonight or anything like that. matt did a bryan adams song as well, but unlike anoop and like the canadian government matt should apologize for bryan adams. the song did not go well, and randy nailed it on the head when he said that matt stumbled throughout the song. danny did "endless love" by lionel richie, and while it was boring it was inspired and he is a good singer and his wife did die so it made sense but he didn't wear his glasses so points would have to be taken off for that but all in all it was ok. kris did some song from the movie "once", and it was ok. willing to bet that any girl liked it a whole lot more then any guy did as evidenced by randy saying it was ok while kara gushed over it and then paula chimed to gush some as well. lil did "the rose" by bette midler which was kind of ok, but it was actually kind of a relief because her song choices are always kind of questionable and i had this bad feeling that she would try to do whitney's "i will always love you" and that would have gone badly only because that is whitney's song and no one else can touch it. but lil didn't do that bad, but simon didn't like it so thats probably some sort of foreshadowing for tonight's result show. that being said, lil will almost definitely be in the bottom three tonight as will matt. as for the third it could really be anyone and probably wouldn't be indicative of their actual performance and would just mean that they did not receive that many votes so with that being said it will probably be anoop. and despite lil's problems of the past few weeks i don't think she will be eliminated yet because i get the feeling that america likes her and so do the judges so tonight may finally be the night when the vaunted "judge's save" will be used.

14 April 2009

i just read an excerpt from the new XXL interview with eminem, and while i still stand by my rant from a few days ago i must admit i feel as though i may have gone a little too far. maybe not, but theres this one quote where he is talking about how he felt that hip hop was on a downfall for the past couple of years but that he thought that wayne's carter III was a good thing for hip hop and then he said something about "respecting" wayne. for whatever reason i've kinda always assumed that eminem was some sort of major asshole but i'm thinking that perhaps i was wrong in that assumption. well either that, or he is trying to lull other rappers into some false sense of security and then viciously slam all of them. that seems possible too. either way, i'm probably not going to dwell on it too much. i'm also not going to dwell on rock of love with bret michaels anymore which thankfully and mercifully ended the other night. for a season that started out with such promise, it really nose-dived these past couple of weeks and ended up turning into a monster shit sandwich. in those last few episodes, no one was said to have an "awesome soul" and "the obvious physical attraction" wasn't there either. bret was just kind of having his way with them at his convenience. there were no surprises. it just kind of sucked, but in the end its all kind of ok because the NHL playoffs start tomorrow and in addition to be thrilling sport it is also a time to celebrate beards so that'll be fun.

11 April 2009

i got called "bro" last night at the bar by a woman. yeah she actually said "bro". i was trying to move my beer from my right side to my left side so i wouldn't spill my beer while smoking my cigarette, and when i moved the glass to my other side i clinked another glass and then thats when she said it. truth be told, i feel a little vulnerable now after being called "bro". a "bro" is not a good thing. its a generalization. its derogatory, really. everyone is a "bro" is come capacity, but that doesn't mean i want to be called one. and truth be told, i don't think that i'm asking for too much when i say i don't want to be called a "bro". i know a fine, upstanding, young woman that said it was wrong to call girls "chicks", and after she explained it i had to agree. the whole thing really relies on this barnyard setting in which if girls are "chicks" then guys would be "cocks", and thats the rub to the whole thing. guys are not referred to as a "cock" or a group of "cocks" so why should women be subjected to such a classification? well the point is, they shouldn't and with that thinking in place then i don't think "bro" should be used so flippantly. being called it really makes me want to reassess some shit. in short, people shouldn't call other people "bro" unless they're talking about someone behind their back or the person in question has done something to merit being called "bro", but the innocent should be spared. they've been through enough already, and don't need ego-crushing declarations from females to be added to that list. 

10 April 2009

09 April 2009

last night's south park made fun of kanye. the running joke of the episode was pretty funny, and the shots fired at carlos mencia was real damn funny. they made fun of kanye pretty hardcore for always talking about what a genius he thinks he is and they also skewered him for the saying that he is the voice of the generation. and like i understand that this makes him an easy target, and that more or less nobody should say shit like that but at the same time i believe that kanye can. seriously, he is a big deal. he completely changed the game. yesterday when i went on that rant about eminem i said that that shit doesn't play anymore. that shit doesn't play anymore because of kanye. 5 or 6 years ago rappers like 50 cent and eminem were the cat's pajamas of the hip hop game. 50 was all gangster gangster at the top of the list and eminem was the dope rapper with the jokes on the side. but when kanye released "the college dropout" he eliminated the need for tough guy shit and he eliminated the need for jokes that would be better suited in an episode of family guy. mr. west brought the focus back to the beats. he was a producer to begin with, but as a rapper he still had the tight ass beats. say what you will about his rhymes, but if anything they are thoughtful. he may not rap circles around anyone, but he takes his time and busts jokes that people think are funny, sometimes at least. the other thing about kanye is that everyone likes him. he made hip hop accessible for everyone again. even though a lot of people hate on kanye everybody has one song they like. even the most ardent haters concede that one kanye song or another is really great. i can think of one good friend of mine who more or less hates on a lot of hip hop and while that is well within his right and i understand where he is coming from, a couple of years back he'd nod his head when "gold digger" came on. and thats the thing. as much as people want to hate therese always one song that people can't deny they like, and if they say they hate all of it chances are they are lying. thats what puts kanye on that michael jackson level. he is that universal. ok for now...

08 April 2009

well, i was totally off but in a way i think that was kind of the point. whole process kinda reminded me of filling out my tourney bracket in which i was totally wrong  as well. i saw that eminem video like 3 or 4 more times last night, and twice more again this morning. think its kinda lame/stupid how mtv has gone years without playing any music videos, and in the forty hours has shown the same one like 60,000 times. the song sucks by the way, and honestly i think it is indicative of the times. that shit doesn't play anymore. this bro, who used to have bleached blonde hair but now has dark to hair to be more authentic and allow himself to be separated from his zany alter ego, hasn't released an album in four years which up until this point led to the question of what he has been doing. it seems he has spent this time reading perez hilton every day, and the funny thing is in the time that has passed perez is better at making fun of celebrities then eminem is. some on the internet were all amped up about the beat but i didn't really like it. found it kind of grating. i didn't find the wordplay to be all that inspiring either. say what you will about lil' wayne, but i would argue that he has done more interesting/innovative shit with his wordplay over the last two years or so. and while it wasn't his intent, eminem more or less confirmed and validated why kanye and wayne are at the top of the hip hop game. shows how far listeners have come. hip hop never died, but gangster rap did and while eminem doesn't really come across as all that gangster he was certainly angry. and it just seems like that is not what is needed or deserved. wanna write songs about the joys of sex? fine. make it dirty. but it make it obviously dirty [via 'lollipop']. wanna make fun of celebrities. fine, but don't go for the softball targets [via britney, jessica simpson, lesbian lohan, sarah palin] but rather go after of one your contemporaries in the game or O.J. or something. take a chance, or don't do it at all. people always talk about how eminem is oh so great and how he is one of the greatest rappers ever, but would any of the other all-time greats stooop to this sort of level. and a rebuttal like "only eminem would do that. thats what makes him so great" only proves that this is shit. but seriously would jay-z or nas do something like this? no, they beef. they aired out real problems and didn't rely on music video gimmicks to get their point across. despite the strong tone, i am capable of giving marshall mathers his props when necessary. the second album was good, no argument on this end. but it wasn't great. it certainly doesn't give him free range for eternity. some are making the argument that his first single is always wack on some level, and that the album is always fire but that doesn't really hold up. technically, dude is zero for three at this point. "i'm havin' a relapse" was ok, but it was a little short. "crack a bottle" is some weak sauce, and has reached the point where it needs to be taken out to pasture. eminem has become the new york yankees of this rap shit in the sense that while there is name recognition that suggests they are the best it actually means that six or seven years ago they were and now try as they might they are no longer viable contenders. for awhile now, i've felt that 50 could beef with whoever and that would work out fine because em could come and bail him out but after seeing this video they're both in trouble because this shit is clown shoes. i don't think that dr. dre can save them either because i'm starting to to get the feeling that he is somewhat out of touch and can no longer manufacture quality beats. the worst part about this song is that the chorus is capable of getting stuck in your head which had me concerned for a little while but then i saw the video for britney's "if you seek amy" and that chorus is much catchier. 

07 April 2009

to be honest i saw this concept on a few other blogs in the weeks past, but i think i'm going to take a swing at it. as previously documented, i watch american idol and while that is somewhat lame and makes me very unbuzzworthy i figure i should put this habit to use and i am seriously going to try to undertake this task every week. i am going to try and predict the songs that will be sung in accordance with whatever the theme for the night is going to be. call this "serious" blogging if you will. tonight the theme is "songs from the year they were born" which in short means there will be lots of 80s songs tonight since seven out of eight contestants were born in the 80s. kris, matt, and scott were all born in 1985 so i guess in a way this year can be scrutinized the most. in a way '85 is kind of a weird year. from what i can tell through research and from what i have assumed from listening to the radio for entirely too long and watching countless vh1 countdowns the big songs from the year include "take on me" by aha and "like a virgin" by madonna, but i am fairly certain that none of these three contestants would dare attempt either for fear of drawing the ire of the judges. well that, and the show is purportedly a family show so i don't see "like a virgin" going over very well. 
i think that this week is really a make or break week for scott mainly because he has been very boring every other week. i mean really really boring, and the fact that he hasnt been bounced yet is surprising. that being said, i think his best bet for tonight would be to go with "dancing in the streets" which in 1985 was recorded by david bowie and mick jagger. i figure he could play this on the piano and maybe get those back-up singers again for the chorus. basically he would end up doing a rendition of the original but it could work. maybe if the song is about dancing the audience will start dancing. this would be a similar technique to eminem is doing based on an interview i read with him the other day. he said with the new album that he is going to rap about how all the girls want him even though they don't but he figures is keeps harping away at it then the girls will eventually start to believe it. so with this thinking in place, i think scott should just hammer away at telling people they want to dance and perhaps they will. but if he wants to go for the boring meh again, he could do foreigner's "i want to know what love is". then again he could just do "sussudio". 
kris is actually one of the better contestants this year although i find his jason mraz/acoustic guitar thing to be a little grating. i think that tonight he needs to do something a little more ballsy tonight which is why i seriously think he should go with "born in the u.s.a" by bruce. i realize that "born in the u.s.a" is one of those songs that is fairly untouchable because it so bruce, but if kris strips it down a little bit and does it on his acoustic then maybe he could make it his own and then that would at least win the judges over since thats what they want performers taking other peoples words and making them their own. but maybe he doesn't listen to the boss so its not on his radar. if thats the case then don henley's "boys of summer" makes sense. actually it makes a lot of sense, but then again he may just do "sussudio". i apologize but i kind of want someone to do it. i've been reading "american psycho" and i just passed that part where pat bateman goes into his diatribe about genesis. 
matt is a pretty strong performance albeit somewhat forgettable at times, and while he is better suited for the slinky r&b numbers ala justin timberlake he has to tap into the 1985 vault as well and for whatever reason i think he should go with "can't fight this feeling" by reo speedwagon. initially i was thinking "shout" by tears for fears but i don't really think that this song would translate well on the idol stage. i see this being a rough week for matt, and i'm not really sure theres a safe bet for him tonight so maybe he should do "sussudio'.
Lil Rounds
i kind of like lil. i think that competition shows like this are made for contestants like lil. she's a good singer and she has personality and what not. with 1984 being the year she has to pick from, i would be shocked if she did anything other than "what's love got to do with it" by tina turner. i know its kind of the obvious pick, but it seems inevitable nonetheless. i will concede however that there is a chance she could go with "i just called to say i love you" by stevie wonder or she could throw a curveball and do "footloose". personally, i would love it if she went with a song from the genre that dominated 1984 but somehow i don't think that lil listens to that much hair metal. too bad though with such standouts as "jump" and "panama" by van halen and "round and round" by ratt. kinda wish there was another contestant from 1984 because i think that van halen songs are kind of built for the idol stage.
i root for anoop every week, and i get the feeling that most of america does as well. through research i have determined that 1986 wasn't exactly a great year for music, but i think there a few songs that anoop could kind of own tonight. the first one that comes to mind is robert palmer's "addicted to love". i mean if kim gordon can pull it off on ciccone youth's "whitey album" then anoop could pull it off on the idol stage. i think that this song is probably best suited for his voice. however, if he is feeling a little more daring then i would suggest "papa don't preach" by madonna. for whatever reason, america and the judges love it when male singers cover female artists. it does work though, and if anoop pulls it off tonight that could go a long way for him in this competition. bon jovi released "livin' on a prayer" in 1986, and in a way that song could be fitting since anoop is somewhat an unconventional candidate to be on american idol and by doing a song like that it would totally be for the fans. it would be his way of saying "despite what anyone says i am totally going to win this motherfucking competition and this song is for all of you that root for me for whatever reason."but then again, anoop seems to have this thing where he likes to do songs that he just likes regardless of whether he can actually sing them or not and if thats the case tonight then a mangled version of "walk this way" may be in store.
my mother is a big danny fan, and i must admit that one week when he did mariah's "hero" he did kind of bring the house down. but i can't shake the feeling that he is just a more likeable non-gray haired version of taylor hicks. i mean the dude can sing though, and 1980 provides a bevy of choices for him to choose from. "ashes to ashes" by bowie. "comfortably numb" by pink floyd. "ace of spades" by motorhead. "once in a lifetime" by the talking heads. "watching the wheels" by lennon. i mean these are really terrific songs, and while i'll admit i put "ace of spades" on there just because motorhead is awesome i seriously think danny could do wonders with either "comfortably numb" or "watching the wheels".  that being said i doubt he will do any of these. initially i thought he might go with "call me"by blondie, but then i started thinking that he would go with "you've lost that loving feeling" by hall&oates but that was until i found it. the blues brothers movie came out in 1980 which means that the soundtrack came out in 1980 which means danny is totally going to do "gimme some lovin'".
the biggest cheeseball in the history of american idol has buffet of cheesy goodness to choose from tonight. "eye of the tiger". "come on eileen". "do you really want to hurt me?". "maneater". "centerfold". "physical". based on the way this season has gone thus far, he could do any of these and the judges and prepubescent girls everywhere would love it. and while i think that this will happen regardless of what he does, i think tonight he goes for the jugular and performs "jack and diane" by john cougar with the hair slicked back.
she really lucks out tonight since she's much younger then everybody else. but i think because of that she needs to bury everyone else and really blow them out the water. that being said she probably shouldn't do "all that she wants" by ace of base. and while most girls have an affinity for that song chances are that the ace of base cyclone missed her by the time she started listening to music. "ain't nuthin but a 'g' thang" came out in '92 but since this is a family program i don't think that will happen although it would be awesome. seriously though, they try to market her as the rocker-type and thats all well and good, but tonight is the night she needs to validate that claim. i'm not too sure that "smells like teen spirit" would translate well for this program. but if she really want to rock out, then she should go ahead and do "even flow" by pearl jam. it could be good. it could be bad. i mean its like the lil' wayne rock album. in theory it could be, but in action it could be horrendous. she could always go with "november rain" or "under the bridge" and that would be apt but i don't think tonight is the night for a song like either of those. and while i would love to hear "creep" i don't think it will happen. allison may go for the jugular tonight as well and go with "one" by U2 but that would be lame and she would lose quasi-rocker points. "man on the moon" came out in '92 apparently and thats by r.e.m and everybody likes r.e.m so that may be the way to go. 
but only time will tell.

another week, another lackluster episode of rock of love. thankfully there is only one more episode left. i don't think that i could have ever imagined that i love money 2 would become a more interesting program to watch then rock of love, but alas it has happened and now i am definitely ready for danzig to take over. in other bret michaels related news, the new eminem video debuted today and it starts with him dressed up as none other then bret himself. the videos not bad its kind of funny as he once again takes aim at whatever celebutards are dominating the pop culture stratosphere. i didnt find the song to be all that great, but its really just whatever and on to bigger and better things. 

01 April 2009

i must be an asshole. i keep thinking about this whole no new shit from sxsw, and what it means. actually today i started to think that it was really whatever, and that maybe i should do some sort of quarterly report type thing on recent albums and singles, but once i started thinking about that i didn't really come up with anything. well i mean the animal collective's "merriweather post pavilion" immediately sprang to mind and would obviously be number 1, but that was about it. i don't technically own the wavves album so i have only heard half a dozen songs or so off of it so i don't think i can fairly assess it. as awesome as i find red fang i have only heard the album once and albeit i was a little drunk when that happened. deerhunter's "microcastle" is really really good and i kind of adore it, but it came out in october or november of 08 so its not very current. there really hasnt been any hip hop to get excited about. the clipse are supposed to be releasing a new album and they were supposed to drop a single called "kinda like a big deal" that features kanye west but that song hasn't dropped so i don't know what i can say about that. i mean i really wish that there was something i could blab to the enth degree about, but it hasnt exactly happened. but i'm pretty sure that it will happen. there is somewhat of a serious stable of bands releasing new albums this year. in addition to the clipse theres wilco, sonic youth, and dinosaur jr. HEALTH has a new album coming out, and so does jay reatard. passion pit is dropping a proper full-length and that should be pretty neat. crystal antlers and crocodiles both are releasing albums soon, and i have been listening to both of them lately so thats exciting as well so i guess all is not lost. certainly not and in that vein, i heard the new mastodon album about a week or so ago, and i kinda sorta liked it in the sense that i thought it was a good album by the prog rock band mastodon not to be confused with the epic metal band mastodon who were responsible for "leviathan". however, i listened to the album again this morning and this time i listened to it in its entirety uninterrupted. its pretty good. i dug it, more so then i did the first time i heard it. its funny like there are only seven songs on the album but when sitting there and listening it seems like there are twice that many tracks. the one song "the czar" is like 12 minutes long, and has like three or four mini-song parts within it. and while i was leery of it the first time i heard it, that song "divinations" is pretty straight. i mean to be fair it has a banjo intro and it still rocks and as always the video is really cool. i would still contend that i think they should have gone more prog. like pull the lever all the way down and run with it.