15 April 2009

american idol last night was a bit underwhelming. it started off promising when it was discovered that quentin tarantino would be serving as the mentor for this week, but truth be told it probably would have been better if he had actually been a judge last night. the other problem with last night was that because of the time problems they had last week it was determined that only two judges could talk to a contestant after a performance which was problematic because that cuts into simon's time for feedback. not only that, but they still ran over the allotted time. last night was kind of a "meh" night. no one really dazzled. alison did that aerosmith song from the movie armageddon, and it wasn't bad but it didn't come across as particularly inspired either. while she may be the best performer out of the whole lot its starting to get to that time where she should take a bold chance on something. and while this may be biased, anoop may have had the best performance of the night. he sounded really good, and its starting to look that he is just beginning to peak. adam did "born to be wild", and the thing is while he is an impressive singer and someone who is very easy to hate on the song still wasn't that great. the arrangement was changed around, and while it was possibly for the better the dude kept wailing like he was robert plant. the only thing i could think of the entire time was that i was pretty sure that the darkness need a new lead singer and that adam would be an ideal candidate for that position. either that, or he should cover "i believe in a thing called love" one of these weeks because thats exactly what his voice sounded like last night. unnecessary falsetto on top of more falsetto. the more i start to think about it the more i start to wonder whether adam is in fact the lead singer of the darkness is disguise. although none of this probably matters because its not like he is going to get eliminated tonight or anything like that. matt did a bryan adams song as well, but unlike anoop and like the canadian government matt should apologize for bryan adams. the song did not go well, and randy nailed it on the head when he said that matt stumbled throughout the song. danny did "endless love" by lionel richie, and while it was boring it was inspired and he is a good singer and his wife did die so it made sense but he didn't wear his glasses so points would have to be taken off for that but all in all it was ok. kris did some song from the movie "once", and it was ok. willing to bet that any girl liked it a whole lot more then any guy did as evidenced by randy saying it was ok while kara gushed over it and then paula chimed to gush some as well. lil did "the rose" by bette midler which was kind of ok, but it was actually kind of a relief because her song choices are always kind of questionable and i had this bad feeling that she would try to do whitney's "i will always love you" and that would have gone badly only because that is whitney's song and no one else can touch it. but lil didn't do that bad, but simon didn't like it so thats probably some sort of foreshadowing for tonight's result show. that being said, lil will almost definitely be in the bottom three tonight as will matt. as for the third it could really be anyone and probably wouldn't be indicative of their actual performance and would just mean that they did not receive that many votes so with that being said it will probably be anoop. and despite lil's problems of the past few weeks i don't think she will be eliminated yet because i get the feeling that america likes her and so do the judges so tonight may finally be the night when the vaunted "judge's save" will be used.

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