26 April 2009

been kind of out and about lately, and while i missed it initially i eventually got around to watching the performances from the last episode of Idol and after watching it is with a heavy heart that I must not accept the fact that Anoop has been eliminated. I knew that with two contestants being eliminated that there was a high potential for shit to not end well. Truth be told, I don't entirely understand why the judges' save was used when it was because honestly if there was ever a time to use it that time was back towards the beginning when alexis was on the chopping block. after two weeks, she was the best out of any of them and i think that that fact becomes more and more clear every week. adam is really not that bad, but he really does tow this line between great and ghastly. it reminds me of that line from "spinal tap": "There really is a fine line between stupid and clever." going with the "donnie darko" version of mad world was a cagey move indeed, but those re-arrangements of "born to be wild" and "ring of fire" not so much. the thing is that the entire show basically boils down to what simon thinks and when it comes to adam that complicates matters even more. some weeks he is in awe with adam, and other weeks he is just kind of shaking his head. when you make people just shake their head, i don't think that is really a quality that a winner of american idol should posses and with that sort of thinking in mind i just don't see adam winning it all. i mean, he might. he has moments, but at the same time i don't really know if he would be the american idol. in terms of winning it all, i would give a slight slight advantage to allison mainly because her biggest competition is the backing band and nothing else really. if any of this were actually real, then anoop would win. he had the singing chops, but more then that he just seemed so above all of the bullshit that surrounds the show. he talked back to the judges. the one week when seacrest was trying to drag out the elimination process, anoop more or less just told him to stop bullshitting and get on with the results. he stepped up when he needed to, and if it had been any other week then he would have been safe. but since they had to eliminate two then that throws everything off. its just kind of lame because one would assume that matt is going to be gone after this week. i mean honestly, how many times can one dude do a justin timberlake-like performance and get away with it. so thats lame, and there are other lame things like how the capitals are having to scramble for their postseason lives and its still only the first round of the playoffs. on the other hand, i saw "cloverfield" the other day and that was definitely not lame. i had resisted seeing it for awhile, but it was pretty awesome. the first 20 minutes are little slow, but it really just gives the viewer time to get used to the fact that the entire movie is filmed via camcorder. but after that, it just takes off. it basically looks like what an american film version of godzilla is supposed to look. i also saw "dream girls" over the weekend as well, and while it contained constant singing it is more important to note that A. all the singing is good and the songs themselves are entertaining and B. eddie murphy is some kind of awesome as the down-and-out singer with drug baggage but who still tries to succeed. if there is any complaint at all it is the fact that there probably should have been a murder or something along those lines. any movie worth a damn has shit blowing up in it, and "dream girls" kinda lacked in the shit-blowing-up department. i mean there was drama, but thats not shit blowing up. 

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