22 April 2009

Crazy’s what they calling me but crazy’s hardly what I am/
Try creatively retarded or amazingly rewarded/
this is probably the best line i have heard from lil' wayne in awhile. like a while while since his dalliance with "rock" began. i'm in the kind of mood where i think so this would qualify as a positive thing when coupled with the fact that i heard another song where he was rapping and he wasn't using auto-tune! there have actually been a lot of songs with his name on it that have come up as of late. a lot of them have been with this new cat drake, who is signed to young money and who apparently used to be on some canadian teen show or some shit like that. the other day i read that some people were starting to make the argument that drake is the best up-and-coming rapper at the moment, and that he had surged past all of the dudes who were picked by XXL as the Class of '09. truth be told, i haven't really heard any evidence to substantiate and confirm it, but i just can't believe that this is the case. wale's "mixtape about nothing" was real tight and was certainly one of my most favorite albums of the year. charles hamilton and asher roth both make noise a little bit, at least between internet chatter and appearance on MTV. but despite all of that, i think that blu is at the head of the class though. he' s just a dope rapper like period. he is kind of beyond the surface in the sense that he doesn't talk about any of the flashy shit, but rather he raps about himself and what is actually going on around him. he's had ups and downs with ladies. he used to ball, but he doesn't anymore. and occasionally he smokes grass. thats what he raps about and its some of the best hip around at this particular point in time. once he releases a proper album this will probably be much more evident. right now, its just mixtapes with beats done by different dudes on each one and that is really awesome and in no way is this a complaint i just think people would really respond to a proper album. almost like the only thing preventing any of this is this lack of circulation of his shit. maybe thats it. i've never really seen these mixtapes as zhare files. someone has burned them both for me. same dude in fact. i remember the first time he put it on he said he had never listened to it either and he put it on and it just banged. 

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