11 April 2009

i got called "bro" last night at the bar by a woman. yeah she actually said "bro". i was trying to move my beer from my right side to my left side so i wouldn't spill my beer while smoking my cigarette, and when i moved the glass to my other side i clinked another glass and then thats when she said it. truth be told, i feel a little vulnerable now after being called "bro". a "bro" is not a good thing. its a generalization. its derogatory, really. everyone is a "bro" is come capacity, but that doesn't mean i want to be called one. and truth be told, i don't think that i'm asking for too much when i say i don't want to be called a "bro". i know a fine, upstanding, young woman that said it was wrong to call girls "chicks", and after she explained it i had to agree. the whole thing really relies on this barnyard setting in which if girls are "chicks" then guys would be "cocks", and thats the rub to the whole thing. guys are not referred to as a "cock" or a group of "cocks" so why should women be subjected to such a classification? well the point is, they shouldn't and with that thinking in place then i don't think "bro" should be used so flippantly. being called it really makes me want to reassess some shit. in short, people shouldn't call other people "bro" unless they're talking about someone behind their back or the person in question has done something to merit being called "bro", but the innocent should be spared. they've been through enough already, and don't need ego-crushing declarations from females to be added to that list. 

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