14 April 2009

i just read an excerpt from the new XXL interview with eminem, and while i still stand by my rant from a few days ago i must admit i feel as though i may have gone a little too far. maybe not, but theres this one quote where he is talking about how he felt that hip hop was on a downfall for the past couple of years but that he thought that wayne's carter III was a good thing for hip hop and then he said something about "respecting" wayne. for whatever reason i've kinda always assumed that eminem was some sort of major asshole but i'm thinking that perhaps i was wrong in that assumption. well either that, or he is trying to lull other rappers into some false sense of security and then viciously slam all of them. that seems possible too. either way, i'm probably not going to dwell on it too much. i'm also not going to dwell on rock of love with bret michaels anymore which thankfully and mercifully ended the other night. for a season that started out with such promise, it really nose-dived these past couple of weeks and ended up turning into a monster shit sandwich. in those last few episodes, no one was said to have an "awesome soul" and "the obvious physical attraction" wasn't there either. bret was just kind of having his way with them at his convenience. there were no surprises. it just kind of sucked, but in the end its all kind of ok because the NHL playoffs start tomorrow and in addition to be thrilling sport it is also a time to celebrate beards so that'll be fun.

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