29 April 2009

I like this song. I will admit that the video is pretty weird, but I'm pretty sure that the song itself is about the main character from "The Karate Kid" movies. I've heard the album, and after a few quality listens I have determined that it is pretty good. Kind of like Bjork, but better for some reason.

This video is a little older, and while it is a little strange as well its kind of awesome as well. I mean, who doesn't like BMX tricks? More importantly, how can one possibly hate on that drum drop in the beginning of the song?

1 comment:

  1. I had never heard this girl before, she's really good. But, wait, you mean that she's better than björk?
    Ce n'est pas posible! That's impossible! jaja
    Björk disarms the music and she creates it again