01 April 2009

i must be an asshole. i keep thinking about this whole no new shit from sxsw, and what it means. actually today i started to think that it was really whatever, and that maybe i should do some sort of quarterly report type thing on recent albums and singles, but once i started thinking about that i didn't really come up with anything. well i mean the animal collective's "merriweather post pavilion" immediately sprang to mind and would obviously be number 1, but that was about it. i don't technically own the wavves album so i have only heard half a dozen songs or so off of it so i don't think i can fairly assess it. as awesome as i find red fang i have only heard the album once and albeit i was a little drunk when that happened. deerhunter's "microcastle" is really really good and i kind of adore it, but it came out in october or november of 08 so its not very current. there really hasnt been any hip hop to get excited about. the clipse are supposed to be releasing a new album and they were supposed to drop a single called "kinda like a big deal" that features kanye west but that song hasn't dropped so i don't know what i can say about that. i mean i really wish that there was something i could blab to the enth degree about, but it hasnt exactly happened. but i'm pretty sure that it will happen. there is somewhat of a serious stable of bands releasing new albums this year. in addition to the clipse theres wilco, sonic youth, and dinosaur jr. HEALTH has a new album coming out, and so does jay reatard. passion pit is dropping a proper full-length and that should be pretty neat. crystal antlers and crocodiles both are releasing albums soon, and i have been listening to both of them lately so thats exciting as well so i guess all is not lost. certainly not and in that vein, i heard the new mastodon album about a week or so ago, and i kinda sorta liked it in the sense that i thought it was a good album by the prog rock band mastodon not to be confused with the epic metal band mastodon who were responsible for "leviathan". however, i listened to the album again this morning and this time i listened to it in its entirety uninterrupted. its pretty good. i dug it, more so then i did the first time i heard it. its funny like there are only seven songs on the album but when sitting there and listening it seems like there are twice that many tracks. the one song "the czar" is like 12 minutes long, and has like three or four mini-song parts within it. and while i was leery of it the first time i heard it, that song "divinations" is pretty straight. i mean to be fair it has a banjo intro and it still rocks and as always the video is really cool. i would still contend that i think they should have gone more prog. like pull the lever all the way down and run with it. 

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