09 April 2009

last night's south park made fun of kanye. the running joke of the episode was pretty funny, and the shots fired at carlos mencia was real damn funny. they made fun of kanye pretty hardcore for always talking about what a genius he thinks he is and they also skewered him for the saying that he is the voice of the generation. and like i understand that this makes him an easy target, and that more or less nobody should say shit like that but at the same time i believe that kanye can. seriously, he is a big deal. he completely changed the game. yesterday when i went on that rant about eminem i said that that shit doesn't play anymore. that shit doesn't play anymore because of kanye. 5 or 6 years ago rappers like 50 cent and eminem were the cat's pajamas of the hip hop game. 50 was all gangster gangster at the top of the list and eminem was the dope rapper with the jokes on the side. but when kanye released "the college dropout" he eliminated the need for tough guy shit and he eliminated the need for jokes that would be better suited in an episode of family guy. mr. west brought the focus back to the beats. he was a producer to begin with, but as a rapper he still had the tight ass beats. say what you will about his rhymes, but if anything they are thoughtful. he may not rap circles around anyone, but he takes his time and busts jokes that people think are funny, sometimes at least. the other thing about kanye is that everyone likes him. he made hip hop accessible for everyone again. even though a lot of people hate on kanye everybody has one song they like. even the most ardent haters concede that one kanye song or another is really great. i can think of one good friend of mine who more or less hates on a lot of hip hop and while that is well within his right and i understand where he is coming from, a couple of years back he'd nod his head when "gold digger" came on. and thats the thing. as much as people want to hate therese always one song that people can't deny they like, and if they say they hate all of it chances are they are lying. thats what puts kanye on that michael jackson level. he is that universal. ok for now...

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