07 April 2009

to be honest i saw this concept on a few other blogs in the weeks past, but i think i'm going to take a swing at it. as previously documented, i watch american idol and while that is somewhat lame and makes me very unbuzzworthy i figure i should put this habit to use and i am seriously going to try to undertake this task every week. i am going to try and predict the songs that will be sung in accordance with whatever the theme for the night is going to be. call this "serious" blogging if you will. tonight the theme is "songs from the year they were born" which in short means there will be lots of 80s songs tonight since seven out of eight contestants were born in the 80s. kris, matt, and scott were all born in 1985 so i guess in a way this year can be scrutinized the most. in a way '85 is kind of a weird year. from what i can tell through research and from what i have assumed from listening to the radio for entirely too long and watching countless vh1 countdowns the big songs from the year include "take on me" by aha and "like a virgin" by madonna, but i am fairly certain that none of these three contestants would dare attempt either for fear of drawing the ire of the judges. well that, and the show is purportedly a family show so i don't see "like a virgin" going over very well. 
i think that this week is really a make or break week for scott mainly because he has been very boring every other week. i mean really really boring, and the fact that he hasnt been bounced yet is surprising. that being said, i think his best bet for tonight would be to go with "dancing in the streets" which in 1985 was recorded by david bowie and mick jagger. i figure he could play this on the piano and maybe get those back-up singers again for the chorus. basically he would end up doing a rendition of the original but it could work. maybe if the song is about dancing the audience will start dancing. this would be a similar technique to eminem is doing based on an interview i read with him the other day. he said with the new album that he is going to rap about how all the girls want him even though they don't but he figures is keeps harping away at it then the girls will eventually start to believe it. so with this thinking in place, i think scott should just hammer away at telling people they want to dance and perhaps they will. but if he wants to go for the boring meh again, he could do foreigner's "i want to know what love is". then again he could just do "sussudio". 
kris is actually one of the better contestants this year although i find his jason mraz/acoustic guitar thing to be a little grating. i think that tonight he needs to do something a little more ballsy tonight which is why i seriously think he should go with "born in the u.s.a" by bruce. i realize that "born in the u.s.a" is one of those songs that is fairly untouchable because it so bruce, but if kris strips it down a little bit and does it on his acoustic then maybe he could make it his own and then that would at least win the judges over since thats what they want performers taking other peoples words and making them their own. but maybe he doesn't listen to the boss so its not on his radar. if thats the case then don henley's "boys of summer" makes sense. actually it makes a lot of sense, but then again he may just do "sussudio". i apologize but i kind of want someone to do it. i've been reading "american psycho" and i just passed that part where pat bateman goes into his diatribe about genesis. 
matt is a pretty strong performance albeit somewhat forgettable at times, and while he is better suited for the slinky r&b numbers ala justin timberlake he has to tap into the 1985 vault as well and for whatever reason i think he should go with "can't fight this feeling" by reo speedwagon. initially i was thinking "shout" by tears for fears but i don't really think that this song would translate well on the idol stage. i see this being a rough week for matt, and i'm not really sure theres a safe bet for him tonight so maybe he should do "sussudio'.
Lil Rounds
i kind of like lil. i think that competition shows like this are made for contestants like lil. she's a good singer and she has personality and what not. with 1984 being the year she has to pick from, i would be shocked if she did anything other than "what's love got to do with it" by tina turner. i know its kind of the obvious pick, but it seems inevitable nonetheless. i will concede however that there is a chance she could go with "i just called to say i love you" by stevie wonder or she could throw a curveball and do "footloose". personally, i would love it if she went with a song from the genre that dominated 1984 but somehow i don't think that lil listens to that much hair metal. too bad though with such standouts as "jump" and "panama" by van halen and "round and round" by ratt. kinda wish there was another contestant from 1984 because i think that van halen songs are kind of built for the idol stage.
i root for anoop every week, and i get the feeling that most of america does as well. through research i have determined that 1986 wasn't exactly a great year for music, but i think there a few songs that anoop could kind of own tonight. the first one that comes to mind is robert palmer's "addicted to love". i mean if kim gordon can pull it off on ciccone youth's "whitey album" then anoop could pull it off on the idol stage. i think that this song is probably best suited for his voice. however, if he is feeling a little more daring then i would suggest "papa don't preach" by madonna. for whatever reason, america and the judges love it when male singers cover female artists. it does work though, and if anoop pulls it off tonight that could go a long way for him in this competition. bon jovi released "livin' on a prayer" in 1986, and in a way that song could be fitting since anoop is somewhat an unconventional candidate to be on american idol and by doing a song like that it would totally be for the fans. it would be his way of saying "despite what anyone says i am totally going to win this motherfucking competition and this song is for all of you that root for me for whatever reason."but then again, anoop seems to have this thing where he likes to do songs that he just likes regardless of whether he can actually sing them or not and if thats the case tonight then a mangled version of "walk this way" may be in store.
my mother is a big danny fan, and i must admit that one week when he did mariah's "hero" he did kind of bring the house down. but i can't shake the feeling that he is just a more likeable non-gray haired version of taylor hicks. i mean the dude can sing though, and 1980 provides a bevy of choices for him to choose from. "ashes to ashes" by bowie. "comfortably numb" by pink floyd. "ace of spades" by motorhead. "once in a lifetime" by the talking heads. "watching the wheels" by lennon. i mean these are really terrific songs, and while i'll admit i put "ace of spades" on there just because motorhead is awesome i seriously think danny could do wonders with either "comfortably numb" or "watching the wheels".  that being said i doubt he will do any of these. initially i thought he might go with "call me"by blondie, but then i started thinking that he would go with "you've lost that loving feeling" by hall&oates but that was until i found it. the blues brothers movie came out in 1980 which means that the soundtrack came out in 1980 which means danny is totally going to do "gimme some lovin'".
the biggest cheeseball in the history of american idol has buffet of cheesy goodness to choose from tonight. "eye of the tiger". "come on eileen". "do you really want to hurt me?". "maneater". "centerfold". "physical". based on the way this season has gone thus far, he could do any of these and the judges and prepubescent girls everywhere would love it. and while i think that this will happen regardless of what he does, i think tonight he goes for the jugular and performs "jack and diane" by john cougar with the hair slicked back.
she really lucks out tonight since she's much younger then everybody else. but i think because of that she needs to bury everyone else and really blow them out the water. that being said she probably shouldn't do "all that she wants" by ace of base. and while most girls have an affinity for that song chances are that the ace of base cyclone missed her by the time she started listening to music. "ain't nuthin but a 'g' thang" came out in '92 but since this is a family program i don't think that will happen although it would be awesome. seriously though, they try to market her as the rocker-type and thats all well and good, but tonight is the night she needs to validate that claim. i'm not too sure that "smells like teen spirit" would translate well for this program. but if she really want to rock out, then she should go ahead and do "even flow" by pearl jam. it could be good. it could be bad. i mean its like the lil' wayne rock album. in theory it could be, but in action it could be horrendous. she could always go with "november rain" or "under the bridge" and that would be apt but i don't think tonight is the night for a song like either of those. and while i would love to hear "creep" i don't think it will happen. allison may go for the jugular tonight as well and go with "one" by U2 but that would be lame and she would lose quasi-rocker points. "man on the moon" came out in '92 apparently and thats by r.e.m and everybody likes r.e.m so that may be the way to go. 
but only time will tell.

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