08 April 2009

well, i was totally off but in a way i think that was kind of the point. whole process kinda reminded me of filling out my tourney bracket in which i was totally wrong  as well. i saw that eminem video like 3 or 4 more times last night, and twice more again this morning. think its kinda lame/stupid how mtv has gone years without playing any music videos, and in the forty hours has shown the same one like 60,000 times. the song sucks by the way, and honestly i think it is indicative of the times. that shit doesn't play anymore. this bro, who used to have bleached blonde hair but now has dark to hair to be more authentic and allow himself to be separated from his zany alter ego, hasn't released an album in four years which up until this point led to the question of what he has been doing. it seems he has spent this time reading perez hilton every day, and the funny thing is in the time that has passed perez is better at making fun of celebrities then eminem is. some on the internet were all amped up about the beat but i didn't really like it. found it kind of grating. i didn't find the wordplay to be all that inspiring either. say what you will about lil' wayne, but i would argue that he has done more interesting/innovative shit with his wordplay over the last two years or so. and while it wasn't his intent, eminem more or less confirmed and validated why kanye and wayne are at the top of the hip hop game. shows how far listeners have come. hip hop never died, but gangster rap did and while eminem doesn't really come across as all that gangster he was certainly angry. and it just seems like that is not what is needed or deserved. wanna write songs about the joys of sex? fine. make it dirty. but it make it obviously dirty [via 'lollipop']. wanna make fun of celebrities. fine, but don't go for the softball targets [via britney, jessica simpson, lesbian lohan, sarah palin] but rather go after of one your contemporaries in the game or O.J. or something. take a chance, or don't do it at all. people always talk about how eminem is oh so great and how he is one of the greatest rappers ever, but would any of the other all-time greats stooop to this sort of level. and a rebuttal like "only eminem would do that. thats what makes him so great" only proves that this is shit. but seriously would jay-z or nas do something like this? no, they beef. they aired out real problems and didn't rely on music video gimmicks to get their point across. despite the strong tone, i am capable of giving marshall mathers his props when necessary. the second album was good, no argument on this end. but it wasn't great. it certainly doesn't give him free range for eternity. some are making the argument that his first single is always wack on some level, and that the album is always fire but that doesn't really hold up. technically, dude is zero for three at this point. "i'm havin' a relapse" was ok, but it was a little short. "crack a bottle" is some weak sauce, and has reached the point where it needs to be taken out to pasture. eminem has become the new york yankees of this rap shit in the sense that while there is name recognition that suggests they are the best it actually means that six or seven years ago they were and now try as they might they are no longer viable contenders. for awhile now, i've felt that 50 could beef with whoever and that would work out fine because em could come and bail him out but after seeing this video they're both in trouble because this shit is clown shoes. i don't think that dr. dre can save them either because i'm starting to to get the feeling that he is somewhat out of touch and can no longer manufacture quality beats. the worst part about this song is that the chorus is capable of getting stuck in your head which had me concerned for a little while but then i saw the video for britney's "if you seek amy" and that chorus is much catchier. 

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