29 April 2009

well two things really. first, marlee matlin was on the view this morning and she's kind of a 'g'. like she just wrote this new book about her life and what not and that is interesting and what not via her being deaf, but in the book she talks about when she used to date william hurt and how he used to like beat the shit out of her and what not. spousal abuse is definitely not cool as i'm sure the other chris brown can attest to by now, but its also one of those things that is at least supposed to stay very hush hush like the general public really shouldn't know about it. but she was on the view talking about it, well not talking talking about it but you know. i found the whole thing kind of awesome in the sense that she was just totally upfront about all of it, and if anything she just came across as very witty. it was almost as awesome as last week when lil' wayne was on, and he had all the girls in like this weird kind of tizzy. 
and secondly, american idol. now i am a man first and foremost (or to be more accurate a "bro" since i've been getting called that more and more lately which A. sucks and B. makes me feel inauthentic) so i was watching hockey because it was game 7 of the stanley cup playoffs which is arguably the zenith of competitive sports. however, i have reviewed the tape and i must say i think i owe adam an apology. he straight up owned it last night. it was a "rat pack" theme or whatever, but he came down on this long stairwell singing and then when he reached the bottom the music picked up. it was good, really good. jamie foxx was mentor last night for whatever reason, but it seemed like he helped. he literally got in danny's face in attempt to drum up more feeling, and it looked real weird but it definitely worked because danny sounded great and was even simon-approved. jamie foxx like totally gushed over kris, and said he would do a record with him at any time and then the judges gushed over him too. well randy, kara, and paula did. simon compared the performance to taking  a well-trained cocker spaniel out for a walk in the sense that it would be very pleasant and enjoyable, but its a very low-risk activity. and while this may or may not sound all that earth shattering, it may be. see, every week all the contestants' performances are available for download on itunes so people can download their favorites or whatever. but no numbers are ever released so its never known who is the most popular its supposed to look like they are all even because american idol doesn't want to tip its hand or anything like that. well the other day, there was some major glitch at itunes and the numbers accidentally appeared. and while it should come as no surprise that adam is the most popular since six of his songs are in the top ten for all of itunes but the surprise was that kris is number 2 over danny. every week the show seems to inch more and more towards an adam vs. danny finale but it looks like kris is starting to gain ground and could very well end up in the finale. actually after last night this isn't as much of a surprise as it was like a day before. allison sounded ok, but simon said he had a bad feeling about it which basically translates to mean that she may be going home. i think matt is going to be going home soon as he should which makes it even dumber yet that the judges used their save on him in the first place. but its all really whatever, did i mention that the stanley cup playoffs are going on right now?

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  1. i love all the music that you listen
    you're so lucky, you can go to the concerts of these bands
    i'm so excited because of montreal will come to the argentina in june
    the last year came animal collective

    Dirty old shadow, stay away
    Don't play your games with me
    I am older now, I see the way you operate
    If you don't hurt me then you die
    (A Sentence of sorts in Kongsvinger, Of Montreal)

    well, kisses from argentine :)