05 May 2009

I just watched the music video for "3 A.M." which is the second single from eminem, and it seems that in addition to keeping constant tabs on perezhilton.com eminem has been watching lots of campy horror movies. Perhaps a few of the ones from the "Saw" series. Like honestly, the video wasn't that bad and while the song isn't amazing or anything its still marginally better then "We Made You". However, this is not the shit that keeps a comeback afloat. And while I hope against hopes that I don't actually have to listen to it I am beginning to wonder what the actual album is going to sound like. If he's moved beyond all his previous personal drama then what does he have to rap about? Is he going to rap about how he hasn't gotten around to mowing his lawn and how now his grass is unkempt? Is he going to complain about his long distance provider? And while it pains me to think this way I can't help but think that the only way he is going to become relevant again is to go after perez, of all people. When eminem was in his hey-day and making a name for himself by spoofing celebs and rhyming circles around other rappers, he was also gay-bashing like a motherfucker. When history looks back on eminem that is what is going to stand back. Yeah, he'll be listed as a great white rapper but first and foremost is probably going to be his perceived homophobia. I mean whatever thats not really cool, but the real kicker is that shit don't play no more. We as people have come very far in terms of that, and in a weird way part of that is because we turn to bros like perez to give us the news that we really want. I mean, have you seen CNN lately? Perez is coming out smelling like flowers after this shit-storm that Miss California kicked up during the pageant. He basically represents every reason as to why people should stop hating, and by doing so basically represents everything that eminem railed against ten years ago. So what, is marshall mathers going to start dissing a blogger? Like that it'll get him far. I think this dude is toast, I really do. I read an article earlier today that basically confirmed what I have been thinking and saying for the last year or so. Apparently, the success of eminem's new album will dictate the future for all other properties owned by the record label. Everything the label has is garbage, but in the past that hasn't really mattered as much because their cash cow marshall was providing the bank. But in the four years that he has been on hiatus, the label has taken a beating. They need all the beef they can get in order to keep this sorry ship afloat. Rick Ross is going to go after eminem, and thats fine because nobody really cares. Best case scenario is that em ends up dissing somebody else in one of his rebuttal raps, and that diss ends up morphing into a full-fledged beef with someone else. Thats their best chance, and truth be told that probably won't happen anyway. The worst thing about this whole mess is the fact that Ross can not out-rap, out-rhyme, or out-diss eminem which means that The Bawse has no chance of burying him which means that eminem will continue to occupy space from writers, fans, stans, and the whole rest of them. So in a way the only option for ridding ourselves from eminem is for him to win the beef with Ross and then engage in another beef which will then lead to his subsequent demise. An awful lot of work to get rid of a dude who had been retired. But at the end of the day, its all really whatever and the caps are up 2-0 on the pens. 

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