04 May 2009

Its been out for awhile, but "Day N Nite" by Kid Cudi is a pretty dope song. However, that had been all I had really heard from the dude. I found this mixtape called "Dat Kid from Cleveland", and I just got around to listening to it. Little background, Kid was a part of XXL's Class of 09 in which the magazine selected the ten freshest and newest rappers who were now poised to make some noise in the hip hop game. Blu was a part of this as was Wale, Charles Hamilton, B.o.B., and Asher Roth. It looks like Roth may have already burned out which is kind of a shame, and I get the feeling that Charles Hamilton is still working on establishing his personal brand. B.o.B. changed his name to Bobby Ray, but he still sounds a lot like Andre 3000. Wale is from D.C., and was responsible for one of my favorite albums of 08 with "A Mixtape About Nothing". But I digress. This, Kid Cudi is nice. He has a major co-sign from Kanye which doesn't hurt, and may be responsible for the beats on this tape. One of the first things that struck me about "Day N Nite" was the fact that it was without a doubt and undeniably a song about weed. The song is about hanging out and doing shit while you're high and how that can make you feel from time to time. From listening to the mixtape it seems that Kid Cudi likes to smoke grass on the regular which again doesn't hurt this process either. He's got a nice flow. It kind of bounces. Like words come out in little bundles, and with each bar he flicks it a little further out. and a little further. One of the songs on ("Sky Might Fall") is featured in one of the trailers for Transformers 2 for reasons that I am not clear on, but the song isn't bad. In fact, I read that the was released through the trailer. Trying to spread the word, and for that you can't knock the hustle. This one song "Sky High" has little bits of different Kanye songs as the beat and Kid is just rhyming. Another song is called "I Poke Her Face", which has Kanye and Common on it and they all go over that song "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga. Sounds like Kid holds his own on this among two seasoned veterans. The thing that strikes me the most about this is that I get the feeling that other people would be real quick to dig this too. He's got nice buzz mainly because of "Day N Nite", but this is one of those instances where if his proper album is tight then he could really blow up. If the full-length album has actual songs on it and what not then this could maybe be big. This is what really hurt Asher Roth. He had real nice buzz and was riding a tidal surge in popularity, but then the album came out and it kind of lacked and the whole thing went flat. At the very least, I'd bet big that Rolling Stone is going to give his shit a glowing review because whoever reviews the hip hop over there buys into the hype machine hard and critiques accordingly. With regards to the Class of 09, I'd put Kid in the top 3 with Blu and Wale. I kind of get the feeling that Kid is one of those dudes who is real easy to chill with and because of that people are always down to do songs with him and then they do and they come out like this. Apparently, Wale said something about him and Kid responded by saying that he was going to retire but Wale was real quick to say shit was cool and I get the feeling that it was just a bunch of bullshit anyway. There is another Kid Cudi mixtape that came out earlier and is more than likely a quality listen, but for now I'ma keep messin with this joint. 

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