16 May 2009

Its May, and on May 19th Passion Pit are releasing a proper album entitled Manners. Say what you will about Passion Pit. Carles of Hipster Runoff describes them as a chill band who is always down to either grow a beard or wear glasses. Carles, the internet ambassador as appointed by himself and by the masses who congregate at his sit, even goes as far as to speculate that Passion Pit could be the next Animal Collective, and that Manners could be 74% more accessible then Merriweather Post Pavilion but not quite as authentic as the new Grizzly Bear disc. In short, this album could be kinda a big deal. Personally, I like Passion Pit for the primitive reason that a girl told me about them one time. Well, that and they are totally awesome. When I heard the Chunk of Change EP, I really dug it. I quipped then that I thought they were a better version of MGMT and this was back in the fall during the grand MGMT hysteria via songs being in trailers for shitty movies. So thats how Passion Pit initially came to be in my consciousness. I have heard the album, and all systems are a-go. "Moth's Wings" hit the internets a few weeks back, and it is a gorgeous song or at least whatever passes for gorgeous in 2009. With Passion Pit, you have to be prepared to hit the ground running. Some people are skittish of accepting Michael Angelakos' falsetto that rivals Dominique Wilkins in terms of how high it can get. But once one can get past that, they will experience pure delight. Now before we start foaming at the mouth and gushing about how cool and meaningful and grand this album is, it probably would help to note what else came out in 09 that made waves. (no pun intended). Those two albums would be Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavilion and Bat for Lashes' Two Suns. MPP was the album to start the year off, and Two Suns was the album for March and April when the weather is shitty most of the time, but not in the fun way when you're excited to bundle up with a hoodie, jacket, and scarf but rather in the way where you find yourself saying "Fuck this cold weather." Well now it really is spring now that we the people have the right tunes to get us through it. We're talking about a band that has keyboards, more keyboards, synths, and oh yeah bass and drums. Those components coupled with the already mentioned sky-scraping falsetto puts them in the vast indie rock landscape as well as the marshlands that is electro. But that doesn't really matter. We are living in a domian where the most successful artist of 2008 is a dude with eight tattoos on his face and a documented dependency for pouring vodka and Red Bull into his cough syrup to serve as the beverage portion of his diet that consists of grass, grass, and more grass. The most popular artist of this year so far refuses to wear pants anywhere she goes and spends the rest of the week looking like Ziggy Stardust's younger girl cousin with a penchant for just throwing scraps of cloth on to cover her naughty bits and then walking out the door. If this is what passes as popular music these days, then why not Passion Pit. There are times on Manners where the listener wants to dance, and not because the phrase itself is repeated incessantly throughout the chorus. Move because you want to. Passion Pit is performing at Bonnaroo this summer, and you can bet your bottom dollar that all those hippies are going to be shaking their asses and while it would be easy to say that the reason for that is chemicals and herbs one would be better served by knowing that it is actually because this band is groovy. Manners gets better with every play. You pick up something new every time, similar to Wes Anderson movies and how you always notice something new every time you watch one of them. While a track by track breakdown would be probably be beneficiary it is not really necessary. I would even go so far as to say that it may not even be a good idea. If you break it all down then you may not be able to put all the pieces back together again. This is an album, and a damn good one at that.  

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