20 May 2009

Last night was the season finale of American Idol,  and it was a kind of transparent finish to what was one of the better seasons of recent memory. Adam Lambert and Kris Allen each performed three songs on the program tonight. One song was to be their favorite one that they had performed on the show this year. They didn't get to choose their second song, and their final song was written by a team of writers so that it can officially be released as a single tomorrow. Simon really broke it down last night. Kris won Round 1 and then Adam won Round 2 and then there was that last song. Kris definitely won Round 1 when he decided to perform his re-arranged version of "Ain't No Sunshine".  Its not as raw as the original, but for a performer like Kris it was pretty hardcore. For his first song, Adam decided to do "Mad World" which when performed the first time garnered a standing ovation and Simon said it was brilliant and then said nothing else. Adam may have misplayed his hand by doing the song for a second time. That first time when he did it was definitely something special and magical, but last night's rendition just was not the same. I hate to go there, but Adam is to "Mad World" what Heath was to The Joker. One time only. First Round ends with Kris in the lead. Adam straight up owned round 2 with that Sam Cooke song. Kris had to do "What's Goin' On" for his second song, and he performed it while sitting down and there were some other dudes around him playing bongos and shit. It looked kind of hokey, and it certainly did not look like a performance from the finale of American Idol. This finally brings us to the last song. The most important thing to know about this song is that it sucks. It sucks hard. The lyrics are beyond stupid. They're all about climbing mountains and blazing trails with some of that never-give-up shit peppered in. Horrible, horrible song. You could tell that Simon didn't like it because when he was supposed to critique Adam's performance of it he said, "I just want all the viewers to think about all of your performances from this year when they are voting." Which translates to, "That song sucks ass, but its not your fault and as a result I hope the people don't hold it against you." Adam really tried to sell that song though. He was about as committed to it as he could have been, and he kept reaching for all of those high notes that he so deftly hits. But in the end, that song still blows. With that being said, Kris did a really good job with the song. It sounded very effortless and natural. Adam made it sound like this huge song, but Kris just gave it his all which may not be as much as Adam has to give but for whatever reason works really well for this song. On the plus side, whoever wins will probably never sing a shitty ass song like that ever again. I guess Kris won Round 3, but to be fair he won on a technicality which was the fact that the song was terrible. Basically, it all boils down to whether or not Adam's performance of the Sam Cooke song is enough to win him the title. He has been the best all season long, and but truth be told he wasn't really the best last night. Kris performed all of his songs last night very admirably which at least made him consistent, and he proved people wrong every week as he always managed to make it through to the next round. If the whole season is to be assessed in order to find a winner then Adam wins. If last night's performances are going to be the deciding factor then Kris wins. The more time passes the more it looks that Kris is going to win, and thats fine it really is because that frees up Adam's schedule so that he can become the new lead singer for Velvet Revolver. 

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