03 May 2009

Well, I went to a show last night. And it wasn't just any ol' show. Dinosaur Jr. were in town last night, and they fucking ruled. Mike Watt opened, and that was cool too. Watt and his band covered Wire which was totally fucking awesome, and was more or less the first song I heard when I got there. Once I heard that, I got a feeling that it was only a small indication of even better things to come. The show was loud. Really loud. There was a heavy emphasis on amplifiers and guitar while vocals took a back seat. The place was packed, and there was an interesting conglomeration of people in attendance. Not to sound hyperbolic, but I was kind of paralyzed in awe. They played "The Wagon" which is for all intents and purposes my favorite Dino song. The new song "I Don't Wanna Go There" is like a serious jam, and went on for way longer then I expected. Seeing J. Mascis playing live is almost out of this world. There was no dead air at any point as J. was constantly tinkering and doodling around with his guitar the entire time. Two months ago, I saw Witch and that was badass and featured J. playing drums. But seeing J. play drums is one thing while seeing him play guitar is another beast entirely. On stage, he looks almost completely unassuming but then he starts playing and just shreds. He just shreds right threw everything. It doesn't matter whether its hot inside or kind of cold outside or if its loud or how much the beer costs. The only thing that matters is that J. fucking Mascis is playing motherfucking guitar. Yeah, it was awesome. They played "Freak Scene" and the whole place went nuts which was kind of funny because I kind of got the impression that there were some people there who had never seen Dino live or they had just started listening to the band in general. They played "Feel the Pain" which truth be told I always forget about. Like I recognize the song from the radio, but I always forget its Dinosaur Jr. Way back when, I was the same way with "Creep". The encore was sweet albeit brief. Lou was openly taking requests for the encore set which resulted in "Just Like Heaven" which was totally awesome. The encore set ended up being a little short because I think some bro jumped off the balcony. At first I thought the encore was short because people requested "Just Like Heaven" and for whatever reason requesting that song maxed out the crowd's credit in requesting further songs. Either way, the show was fucking rad and my ears are still ringing. 

Set List for Dinosaur Jr., May 2 @ The Ottobar
-"The Wagon"
-"Been There All The Time"
-"Back To Your Heart"
-"I Don't Wanna Go There"
-"Out There"
-"Feel The Pain"
-"Pick Me Up"
-"Freak Scene"
-"Just Like Heaven"
-there was another song, but the name of it escapes my mind.

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