18 June 2009

First off, Animal Collective is beyond awesome. Totally totally rad. Blog years ago, the internet was waiting with bated breath for Merriweather Post Pavilion to come out. There was a supposed leak and little odds and ends kept popping up, and then the album finally came out. It was only January, and people were hailing it as the album of the year. Now a few months have passed, and everyone has been able to calm down and will all probably agree that Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest is the best album of 09 so far. (Writer's Note: I really love Bat for Lashes' Two Suns so I feel at least somewhat obligated to campaign for it to be the album of 09, but at the same time I've really dug Veckatimest and Merriweather Post Pavilion so at this juncture I would have to say its a three-way tie.) While experiences may differ for this writer the first time listening to MPP was one of the most exciting sessions ever. It started off with this slow creep that kind of sounded like something from Pink Floyd but still sounded totally like Animal Collective. And then "My Girls" came on and so on and so forth this album is fucking rad. While everyone rejoiced that civilization was fortunate enough to have a band like Animal Collective, there were still snarky-ass hipster douche bags who complained that the band was no longer as authentic as they once were because the album was accessible to the ear. On the internet, it almost became this game to show how authentic one was. The way to play was to start talking about how you have listened to Animal Collective since the very beginning and while you have always loved them you believe that Sung Tongs is their best work and since then they have slowly been inching towards superstardom. (Writer's Note: I started listening to AnCo because of two things. 1. I got a copy of Panda Bear's Person Pitch and I really dug it. and 2. There was this girl, and...) MPP was so good that it was causing people to freak out and engage in thinking like that. It was just so bizarre as more and more started saying that AnCo was becoming this mainstream entity. Like all of the sudden there was nothing strange going on. But clearly that wasn't the case. They were on Letterman a few weeks back, and while they performed they were flanked by these wild-looking dancers in the background. Well, the dancers are back as the music video for "Summertime Clothes" has now been released. Its a visually striking piece that doesn't necessarily attack your senses but rather strokes and tickles it while you feel very warm inside. 

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