12 June 2009

Part 4
Francis ended up knocking back most of that moonshine by himself, which was fine because Harry and I didn't need much to get twisted and also its scientifically that drinking is beneficial to an individual coming down from a hallucinatory experience. The booze allows the subject to get a better handle on the situation. Houdini drank several bottles of wine as did I, and as a result the wrestling match was inevitable. The monstrous fire was also unavoidable, and then we were out of hooch namely because we needed of some it to get our fire up to a proper height. And at that point, Harry said that he knew of a place with more alcohol, and that if we were willing to walk then we could have it in no time. We embarked into the woods once again, but this time our outfit had picked up another member. I discovered that the woods eventually end at some point, and there is an expansive ocean that goes on for miles. Harry began motioning towards the left as to indicate that it was the way to go, but I stalled as my attention was focused on what I saw in the horizon. There was a large, black shape that was somewhat hard to define, but it looked a lot like a ship of some sort. As it approached, it became more and more real and more and more unbelievable at the same time. It was massive black ship with a black mast and black sails. It looked like it was as big as the Death Star, and more remarkably yet it appeared to be constructed entirely out of wood. It continued to sail in, and finally I was able to focus my gaze on the passengers standing on deck. While it didn't seem feasible for a crew of professional wrestlers to be out sailing in the middle of nowhere, my mind began to race in an attempt to figure out who exactly was riding on that ship and then all of the sudden it made sense. The helmets with the horns protruding from the sides, and those beards. The beards on these men hung down to their chests, and when paired with helmets all anyone could see other then hair was their beady little eyes. But that was a bit beside the point, as it was officially setting in that we were about to be face to face with VIKINGS! A great change was suddenly taking place, and I wondered how equipped we were to handle it. Conservatively speaking, there may be at least 40 Vikings and then there was Harry, Francis, and myself and were a little shaky to say the least. The Viking ship arrived on the shore, and immediately warriors began jumping off the side of the boat. They walked slowly towards us, and as they moved they were scanning the area as they took in the scenery. We held our ground because booze gives you courage. There was an awkward silence made even stranger by the fact that vikings are not reasonable people. They do not listen, and they do not offer explanations. They take shit. They burn shit, and right the three of us standing on the shore looked like a steaming pile of shit waiting to be took.

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