10 June 2009

Part 3
Its one thing to encounter Sasquatch in the middle of an familiar forest, and then subsequently witness his transformation into Francis all while under the sway of a serious acid trip. It took a few hours to get used to, but at this point its become a walk in the park. It had been been approaching morning time, but that was before these trees swallowed the sunlight. And that was before we ran into Harry Houdini. Harry Houdini was standing right in front of us. His hair was black and had the consistency  akin to a worn-out Brillo pad and it was parted down the middle. His eyes popped out of his face slightly, and the shear blueness of them was enough to make anyone marvel. He wasnt very tall and he was wearing a long coat over his tie and shirt, and yet there he stood looking up at us with a smile that looked painted on. His voice was heavily accented. "I did not KNOW, where to GO, after my, last SHOW." After hearing that, I was almost half-expecting to hear him say, "Oooh, fishy, fishy, fishy fish! That where ever I did go." He was serious, though. He had never died. It was a hoax, and he had been living in the deep recesses of the woods ever since. He faked the whole appendicitis thing, and then to make sure that he would forever be shrouded in mystery he started sneaking into towns incognito and whispering tales of a conspiracy theory that involved the Spiritualists. He had to scavenge for food and what not, but he was the greatest escape artist in the history of man so it was more like every night he had to creep out into civilization on knock over a bakery or maybe a fruit stand. He used to break out of prisons for fun so snatching loaves of bread and apples and oranges isn't too tasking. I had to light a cigarette at this point, and when I do so Houdini stared at me inquisitively. I asked him if he wanted one, and he nodded eagerly. Being a chivalrous fellow, I provided a light for the good man. Houdini took long, exaggerated pulls off of the cigarette. He coughed a little after the first drag, but then smirked as if he had meant to do it. He then stepped towards Francis, and squeezed on of the big, hairless nipples. Francis then picked up Houdini, and the miracle maker scampered out of the Sasquatch's grasp and finagled his way onto its back. He pulled himself up, and was standing on Francis' shoulders. He proceeded to flip front wards off of Francis' shoulders, and landed on the ground gracefully. "Indeed, I am Harry Houdini. I can escape from anything including the clutches of your friend here," he said and then laughed to himself a little. He started walking towards the hut he had crafted for himself. It was a house made of leaves, and the walls were fortified by mud. Houdini did another flip, and then bowed slightly. "Are there are any more spectators?," he asked while looking around the landscape. Francis and I both shook our heads indicating no, and to this Houdini's smile widened. "Well, in that case we shall have ourselves some fun," he said and the darted quickly into his hut. He reemerged with a large jug that looked to be moonshine, and then pointed to a crate that appeared to be filled with bottles of red wine. 

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