07 June 2009

Part 2. A day late, but as always more later on.
"No, the water is not changing colors. Its the sun rising. Its almost morning," I tell Francis. Francis was formerly known as the Sasquatch, but after spending his twilight hours roaming the forest with a stomach full of acid he determined that he needed a new name and he settled on Francis. I like it personally. Its an androgynous name, and that is really fitting because the Sasquatch lives a virtually sexless existence which is why there is basically only one of them. Francis seems to see the world differently. He has been in love with nature and Mother Earth for so long that he can't imagine loving anything else. This planet is all he lives for. And that works for Francis. Based on how much sun I see coming from up over the tree-line I would speculate that it is about 6. Over the last five hours, I have witnessed the Many Moods of the Sasquatch including the already mentioned Re-invention phase where they christen themselves with a new name. When we started out on this journey, I was able to talk Francis into letting me ride on his back. He eagerly accepted, and became quite excited almost immediately which led me to believe that the LSD was really kicking in now. The only hold-up was that he wouldn't stand still long enough for me to get onto his back. He was darting from one side of the forest to the other. Picking up every leaf and branch he saw, and touching and climbing every tree he encountered. If there was water then there had to be a splash. And Francis was just giggling incessantly the entire time. At one point I asked what was so funny, and he replied, "I am lost within myself." Despite the circumstances, I was never really worried or concerned. I just let go. Yeah, I was lost in the woods, and Indeed I was standing next to the Sasquatch, but I finally got to a point where I realized that I don't get paid enough to worry and since I don't paid at all then I'm not going to worry at all. What's the worst that could happen? In hindsight, that was an easy decision to make since at that point we hadn't moved for nearly an hour and a half because Francis was to enthralled with the scene. He started to mellow out after that, and then we went through a period where he drank water and I smoked cigarettes and he pulled trees out of the ground and I smoked more cigarettes and then it was back for more water and that was followed by pulling more trees out of the ground. Then we took a siesta of sorts, and we just sat on two tree stumps. This was also the point that the Sasquatch was re-christened as Francis. It was really a lovely ceremony. He said that he needed to escape the shackles of oppression that came with being known as the Sasquatch, and that he wanted to try something new. Basically, he wanted to change his personal brand into something more natural to make him more accessible to the people. At the heart of all that hair and mass, there is really just a bro who wants to be seen as "chill" so that he can be comfortable with his personal brand. While Francis was stacking trees and sprinkling them with leaves in an attempt to build a cottage, it occurred to me that we had been walking aimlessly for hours paying no regard whatsoever to what direction we were walking. I was lost in the woods to begin with, but now even Francis would be hard-pressed to know where we are with his being on acid and all. The path was becoming markedly more narrow, and the trees are even taller in these parts and they seem to stretch all the way across the sky completely erasing the sun from the picture. As we descend down the new path, a horde of bats come tearing out of the woods and if bats are out during the day for this shit then there must be something else hidden in this nook of the forest.

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