26 June 2009

This is terrible. Awful. Its a nightmare, and it is really happening. He was the KING. There was nobody better than he, and words will never come close to doing him justice. The closest thing we have to an equal is Kanye, and honestly there is still a big gap between the two. MJ was the best, and he had held it down since he was first introduced to the public as a member of the Jackson 5 back when he was just a child. And thats the thing. He was always trying to preserve his youth because in a way he never had a childhood, and since some didn't understand that they persecuted him for it. They got caught up in some other bullshit, and they forgot about the music. They started treating Michael like any other celebrity, but he wasn't. He was the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. His music spans generations, and in one way or another has affected everything we know about music. Hip hop would blow if it weren't for Michael Jackson. Indie rock would suck if it weren't for Michael Jackson. Pop music played on the radio would be completely unlistenable if it weren't for Michael Jackson. Music videos wouldn't even exist anymore if it weren't for Michael Jackson. At this time there are assholes making jokes and douche bags are pretending not to care, and while that is deplorable this is so much bigger than that. He's gone. He didn't even have time to get his cryogenic freezer ready because this happened so fast.(Bad Joke. My Apologies.)  Michael was the greatest. Lil' Wayne nailed it on the head when he said that today was not just a sad day for music but a sad day for history. MJ influenced everything. He was an unparalleled talent who at times really seemed to be from another planet. He was just that good. Men wanted to dance like him, and gals wanted to dance with him. The best ever, and thats positively and definitely a fact. 

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