03 June 2009

This may be premature, but Wale looks like he is about to arrive. The video for the first single off the new album just debuted, and perhaps I'm biased but it looks real good. The song is called "Chillin", and it features Lady Gaga on the hook. I think what I dig most about this video is that its a DC video. DC has never had an MC to call their own, but those days are about over because Wale is claiming that mantle. There are shots of the Capital in this video, and there are also a few glimpses of Ben's Chili Bowl so you know for certain this is a DC thing and for the real observant if you look real hard you can see Anwan Glover a.k.a Big G from WPGC a.k.a Slim Charles from The Wire chillin' at a table. I heard Wale on 93.9 KYS FM the other day, and he said that this video is going to be the MTV jam of the week or some shit like that. Basically it just means that this video will get some serious spin on MTV although they don't play music videos anymore which means that we get to watch 15 second clips play during the credits of all our favorite MTV shows.

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