20 July 2009

As one ends, yet another begins. Over the weekend, Joe Budden and Method Man reportedly squashed their beef after taking a walk in the woods while the Rock the Bells tour was in New York. This beef never really took off like it seemed it was going to. The loudest shot that rang out during the whole mess was the diss track that Inspectah Deck released, and to be fair he didn't really have anything to do with this dispute. However, a very large beef is simmering in other parts. The other week, Jay-Z the God MC treated fans to a freestyle that has come to be known as the "Blueprint 3 Intro". At one point in the rhyme, Jay says "I ain't talkin' about Game", and obviously he certainly couldn't be talking about the rap GAME or the crack GAME or his business GAME or any other GAME. He certainly must be talking about starved for attention Compton MC, The Game. Actually, this writer doesn't buy any of this but ever since the rhyme hit the internets The Game has been spewing at the mouth. A little history lesson will show that The Game has been waiting years to go after Jay, and has thrown several shots in the past at Hov but has never been able to get a response. Now, Jay may or may not have mentioned him in a song and its like the whole world has gone mad. The Game is in Europe at the moment on some bullshit ass tour, but for the past few nights he has been taking the stage with Jay's name in his mouth. There is video footage of him leading crowds in chants of "Fuck Jay-Z". That's some pretty disrespectful shit from a dude who really has no right to even be addressing one of the best. The Game also made sure to release a proper diss song called "I'm So Wavy". The song is not very good. The Game goes hard. He's not some limp-wristed rapper or anything like that, but at the same time this song still sucks. It's just a song full of put downs that don't really stick. The best line in the whole song is at the very end when he says, "No one on the corner has swagger like you?/No one on the corner is 42." Oh yeah, forgot to mention that most of The Game's ammunition for this attack is to keep talking about how old Jay-Z is. It's kind of ironic that The Game is making such a big deal about Jay's age when a few weeks ago there were pictures of Game hanging out with Stacy Dash, who coincidentally is 42 as well. What are you trying to say Game? That it is acceptable for women to be in their 40s and in your company, but a dude can't get that old and still get your respect? This beef probably isn't going to stop anytime soon. The Game has been waiting forever for this opportunity, and now Jay finally gives him a whiff of his ass and The Game crawls right in. But honestly, if The Game has been waiting for this long then shouldn't the song be better? If you're going to attack Jay-Z, which is a dumb thing to do, but if you're going to do it then do it right and make sure the shit you're saying has some weight to it. Basically, The Game needed to release Ether 2.0 and he didn't. Feel like if you want to go after Jay then all you have to do is look at the Jay/Nas beef and follow the numbers. What really gave that beef legs was the fact that Nas was able to put Jay in his place. Jay won the beef overall, but "Ether" was the best song to come out of the whole dispute and that's why there are still cats who argue that Nas won the beef. The Game needed to duplicate that feat if he wanted any shot at getting to Jay, but that's not what happened and now Jay is going to have to release a response track and then things are going to get real ugly. Supa Ugly, if you will. 

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