22 July 2009

Conventional wisdom would dictate that The Blueprint 3 is going to be awesome anyway, but now Reuters is reporting that the album will feature guests Kid Cudi, Drake, Rihanna, and MGMT. Yeah, that's not a typo. Jay-Z was interviewed to discuss the upcoming album, and that's what he said. Read whole interview here. This is pretty impressive for a band whose name most people still mispronounce. Seems like it was just last summer when they were still shrouded in relative obscurity, but, oh wait, it was last summer. Then that one song was in a commercial for some shitty movie, and the band began to experience a surge similar to what happened to M.I.A. when "Paper Planes" was in the Pineapple Express trailer. And then it just kind of kept on going from there. When Rolling Stone was relaying their coverage from Bonnaroo the other week, you would have thought that MGMT was the premiere headliner of the whole shin-dig. Either way, this is some exciting shit to hear, and hopefully there will be a dope track in the future for the ears.

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