17 July 2009

Atlas Sound featuring Noah Lennox "Walkabout"
(via the Fader)
(Actually, if you want to get technical then its via Stereogum via Pitchfork via the Fader) 

Bradford Cox hasn't updated the deerhunter/atlas sound/lotus plaza blog a whole lot as of late, but awhile back when he was there were pictures and mixes being posted while he was on tour with Animal Collective in Europe. And now today, hot off the presses is this. Bradford Cox tells Pitchfork that Noah Lennox a.k.a Panda Bear taught him how to how to sample while they were chilling on the tour bus which led to this here collaboration. There's a sample in there somewhere, but its mainly just Bradford and Noah being totally awesome. If the internet is to be trusted then all signs seem to suggest that the new Atlas Sound LP is going to be more in this vein as opposed to the one man bedroom show that was last year's Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Cannot Feel. Which may mean that there are more bros involved on this project as the song sounds somewhat similar to the Panda Bear track "Bros" off of his 2007 solo album Person Pitch. (See that. Using "bros" twice in one sentence. Someone had to do it.) Then again, maybe not. Either way, this song will make your day. Right now, it sounds like the ideal song for summer but there's a strong chance that it will still sound ideal when we are in the winter months. It's quite good.

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