20 July 2009

A few weeks back, I stated that I had downloaded a whole slew of mixtapes including B.o.B vs Bobby Ray. After having some time to digest it, there has been a new development. It's a lot better then previously realized, and furthermore B.o.B. doesn't sound that much like Andre 3000. There are some similarities, but not as many as previously believed. Still not sure how to feel about this whole B.o.B/Bobby Ray duplicity thing, but that can be put on the back burner for now because this tape is much more fun to listen to when you're not sweating details like that. 
Instead of doing a whole bunch of solo tracks in a row and then doing some posse tracks, this tape is pretty even on both fronts. Playboy Tre pops up on a few tracks, and if the internets is to be believed then he is supposed to be the real up-and-comer from Atlanta not B.o.B. He's pretty good, but this writer is hesitant to praise too much because a full mixtape hasn't been heard by these ears. OJ da Juiceman also appears, and he's really not as awful as advertised or at least he doesn't sound so bad when on a track with B.o.B.
All in all, the tape is pretty good. A definite must-listen for anyone who dabbles in hip hop. 

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