17 July 2009

This is kind of old news by internet standards, but nonetheless it still deserves reporting. On BrooklynVegan the day after Woodsist/Captured Tracks, some commenters were saying that they thought that all the bands that played were a bit to close to one another. Dum Dum Girls and Mayfair Set are both fingered as being products of the scene in question although both are real rad and its hard to see why it matters what circles they run in when they are not making music. I believe the word they used was "incestuous", and on P4K they used the term as well. Call it want you want, but its this writer's opinion that it seems pretty dope when a bunch of people get together and hang out and they all happen to be in bands and then they decide that they should jam together and possibly start a new band/side-project. In that vein yields Babies, or at least that is what they are calling themselves presently. P4k reports that the members are not completely settled on that moniker. The band consists of Cassie Ramone from the Vivian Girls, Kevin Morby from Woods, and Justin Sullivan from Bossy. They basically just exist at this point. As of today, the internet says they have performed three times with the most recent show being at the after-party for day two of Woodsist/Captured Tracks. The Vivian Girls are booked full with tours until October, and Woods is playing a few shows in various cities before hitting the road with Dungen on August 10. They might tour this winter or they might not. Either way, its something new for the blogosphere. 

(vids via BrooklynVegan)

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