04 August 2009

Apparently, Heath Ledger was directing a music video for Modest Mouse before his unexpected and tragic death in January 2008. The video for the song "King Rat", off of the new EP No One's First, and You're Next, is meant to be some sort of anti-commercial whale hunting PSA. Well not really a PSA per se, but in the second half of the video the whales begun hunting a group of humans and there's some blood involved as people are getting harpooned by cartoon whales. And there's a processing scene that results in some weird gingerbread men that then become seal food. The song isn't bad, and the video is kind of cool. The whole thing is animated, but that doesn't really underscore the message of the video. Hunting whales isn't cool, and it would probably be best for all of us if people would stop doing it. 

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