24 August 2009

I May Be In Over My Head On This One

Day 5
"i walked into the house of miraculous recovery/ and stood before king everything/ and he asked me to join him in the red wing/ took me to pie land/ said, 'i'm a thigh man'/ i will be eternally hateful"

That may be favorite lyric so far. I hadn't picked up on it until today, but for whatever reason it stands out in a positive light. In fact, "Hot Freaks" may be my most favorite song on the album. The thing is, and Sellers touches on this in his book when he's talking about driving and listening to GBV, but just about any GBV song could be your favorite. You could pick out any song on Bee Thousand, and say that its your favorite and you couldn't be wrong. There's aren't any clunkers on the album so you could reasonably make an argument for any of them. It would boil to down to personal preference, I suppose. 
Ok, so its the lyrics that are similar to Burroughs' cut and paste technique. Not the songs. I think that makes more sense. When the verses are just on paper it looks like they could be slid interchangeably into any song, but when listening to the song its hard to imagine the lyrics being anything other then what they already are. It's awesome. It really is. On the surface the lyrics seem random with nothing to them, but that's beside the point. All of these songs work. You can take whatever you want out of the lyrics. You create your own meaning. The songs still rock. Pollard utilizes the cut and paste way better than Burroughs, who only used it to be ridiculous basically and as a means to inject his narratives with a bunch of crazy sex and drug use. (Writer's Note: Sorry, but I was a literature major in college and in my opinion Burroughs is pretty overrated. There's no point to Naked Lunch. It's just a bunch of shit. I liked Junky, though. Oh, and Kerouac sucks big time.) 
"Gold Star For Robot Boy" works out kind of cool on paper. When the lyrics are broken down, each verse and chorus come out as a kind of call and response. The verse will lead off with an "If I..", and then at the chorus its "Gold star for robot boy" almost like the speaker is being rewarded for thinking and asking questions. It already had an awesome title, and it was a nice drinking song, and now its got the whole package.
Two more days to go, and anything could happen. Lightning may strike and I might get it, but that probably won't happen. And wouldn't the only way to get it be admitting that I won't ever get it? Should these last two days just be a celebration? Stop thinking so damn much, and just relish in the moment and savor the fact that this album was made. It's a thought.

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