22 August 2009

I May Be In Over My Head On This One

Day 4
I'm an idiot. A massively huge dumbass. I've been calling these posts "In Over My Head" because I thought that was a clever title, but I actually am in over my head. Correction. Yesterday, I was in over my head. Today, I am in the clutches of a tractor rape chain. (Writer's Note: "Tractor Rape Chain" is the name of the third track off this album, so perhaps I am not in as much trouble as I thought.)
I've spent all day reading Perfect From Now On: How Indie Rock Saved My Life by John Sellers because I figured that a book about being obsessed with Guided By Voices would aid me in this current endeavor. I was wrong. I'm really really enjoying this book, but even Sellers admits that this is a pretty arduous task. At one point he says, "...the best adjectives I can come up with when thinking about this band are 'sweet' and 'awesome'." (131). I'm in the same boat. Those are the same words that I want to use when talking about GBV, but I resisted doing that because I thought it would be so much more awesome to dedicate an entire week to the album so that I could come up with more meaningful and inspired descriptors. Something else I read in this book also makes me somewhat concerned. In the chapter before he talks about GBV, Sellers talks about how he discovered Pavement and how he thought for sure they would be his all-time most favorite band forever and ever but then he discovered GBV and everything changed. Pavement is my all-time most favorite band in the world, and they will always be that for me forever and ever. What if I spend too much time listening to GBV, and in addition to fucking up my last.fm charts, I end up abandoning Pavement for GBV. (Writer's Note: This won't happen. My charts are going to be skewed, but there will never be a question as to who my favorite band is.)
I'm still not tired of this album. It's totally rad, and sweet and awesome. The other day I compared this record to a hoodie, but after four days its becoming more like a pair of Chuck Taylors. It works with everything. You can take it anywhere. It'll never wear out. (Writer's Note: I realize that the listening party has just crossed the halfway point, and with that should probably come a more detailed review but I must apologize because it won't happen today. Tomorrow is Sunday which is seen as a day of rest for some, and its a day of heavy beer drinking for me so here's hoping that tomorrow's review is better than today's and yesterday's.)

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