03 August 2009

This fall, Jay-Z, Wale, and the Clipse will all be releasing brand new albums. This is very exciting considering the fact that up until this point there hasn't been a whole lot of blogworthy hip hop. Cam'ron and Jadakiss are all well and good, and Eminem just won't go away but there is still something slightly disheartening about the fact that Rick Ross has released the best hip hop album of 2009. So far, at least. At first, I thought I was just being biased since Jay, Wale, and Clipse are already my favorite hip hop acts, but then I started thinking about it and I started to realize that they may also represent the high mark for hip hop in 09. 
Its almost like hip hop fans are going to experience a Christmas-like effect. You get all excited, and wait and wait and wait and then you finally get what you've been yearning for and then a couple hours later you realize that you have to wait 364 days until this feeling returns again. But seriously, what happens in October after all three of these albums have come out? Yeah, there will probably be a few dope mixtapes here and there, but what else? The internet says that there will be another new Eminem album, but honestly who really cares about that? Except for maybe Nick Cannon. More on that HERE in case you've haven't been studiously following, but then again no one should be even paying attention to it. I only am because it merges my two of interests (hip hop and celebrity gossip), and because it is my job to report the news and in a meager way it seems to qualify as news from time to time.
There is also speculation on the internet that Kanye West is going to drop a new album before the year ends. As awesome as this would be, its not like he has to. In no way, is he obligated to. Some purists like to complain about 808s & Heartbreak, and how it isn't a hip hop album and how its kind of whiny. While the album was more of an R&B-type record as opposed to a straight hip hop album, that didn't make the album any less good. It was, in fact, quite good. Kanye's skills as a producer are unmatched by anyone in the game, and some of the songs were a little sad but the dude's mom had died and he had just gone through a break-up so give the man a little slack. Anyway, since that album came out Kanye has been popping up here and there on various hip hop songs in 09 and he has been dominating all of them. He out-rapped both of the dudes in the Clipse on "Kinda Like A Big Deal", and he even bested Jay on "Run This Town". The way Kanye is rapping these days its like College Dropout never even came out. He sounds hungry like he has something to prove. If he does release something then that would be pretty neat, and if he doesn't then we the people will just have to wait.
Back to the month of October and the possible scarcity of good hip hop. All may seem to be lost, but how about this for a fleeting thought. Maybe Lil' Wayne will come back to Earth, and release an album worth a damn. By the fall, his supposed rock and roll album will already have come out and since he is constantly recording then by this time he should be about ready to start working on Tha Carter 4. And since Jay-Z has already slayed the dragon that is Auto-Tune then Wayne should be ready to make a real hip hop album, one that is sans robot-voice correction technology. He's on tour right now so its not like he's working on new shit at the moment. His protege Drake will be dropping a proper album soon enough, and once he starts to get more shine then Wayne will probably start popping up in more places and before you know it POW!, there will be a new Weezy record. He'll have had all this time to prepare it and put it together, and since there won't be Auto-Tune it'll be just straight rhyming and it will slowly restore people's faith in Wayne's abilities. Well, maybe that's what will happen. Then again, maybe not. To be fair, there is a new HEALTH album coming out in September so perhaps by the time we get to the end of 2009 HEALTH will be the biggest band in the known universe and we will all completely forget about hip hop. (Writer's Note: I sincerely hope that we don't forget about hip hop. That closing sentence suffers from an acute case of hyperbole.)

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