04 September 2009

I Bought This on Amazon for Less Than a Pack of Cigarettes

This one is going to be a little bit different. I don't really have any interest in analyzing this latest album. I'm afraid it would ruin things between myself and this record. The band is called Times New Viking, and the album is entitled Rip It Off. Oh, and this album is awesome. Really, really awesome.
On the back of the album in the bottom left hand corner is a message that simply states, "please play loud". This disc is very loud. Literally. When I put this album in my stereo, the music came blasting out and I had to turn it down a little. If I had let it play at that volume, it would have blown the speakers. It's so loud, but it's so great. 
Times New Viking is from Columbus, Ohio. Guided By Voices are also from Ohio,  but they're from Dayton. After consulting a map, Dayton appears to be very close to Indiana while Columbus appears to be a city that is right in the thick of things. The first time I listened to Rip It Off there was a moment where the music made me think of GBV. Some of the songs on Rip It Off are on the shorter side, and at times they seem to be a little all over the place. But, it works. It totally works. Like GBV, the strange sounds never last long enough to become bothersome. It's from one thing to the next with no stops in between. 
One of the songs on the album is called "Times New Viking vs. Yo La Tengo", and as you can imagine it is totally rad. 

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