13 September 2009

I heard this song while I was driving earlier, and it made me remember that I had watched the video for it the other day. It's more goodness from Grizzly Bear. The song is called "While You Wait For the Others", and it's off the mostly flawless Veckatimest. The version of the song that I heard on the radio featured Michael McDonald on it, which I found to be pretty amusing since McDonald is that one dude from the Doobie Brothers and if you've ever seen The 40-Year Old Virgin then you know about how they all work at that electronics store and all the tv sets in the store have Michael McDonald concert footage on them at all times and its all a little grating to say the least. For the reasons above I didn't really dig the McDonald collaboration with Grizzly Bear, but the biggest reason that it didn't sparkle with me is the fact that I dig Ed Droste's voice so much that I don't want to hear anything else except for it.
When this video first started, I thought it was going to get very strange but as it progressed I can say now that it never got weird enough for me. Unfortunately, it also never got to a point where it rivaled the end of the "Two Weeks" video where all the heads explode after being filled with light. This video is still pretty cool even though it is sans exploding heads.

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