23 September 2009

In exactly one year, I will be standing in New York at Central Park. I will be completely consumed with an excitement that has been growing inside of me for many, many years. I will smoke lots and lots of cigarettes because I will probably be a little nervous, and also because whenever I'm in New York I feel compelled to smoke more than normal because I know that I paid roughly half as much for my pack than what a New York resident paid. I will look around, and scan the crowd for other people who are enthusiastic just like me. Gary will be with me, and we will probably exchange several high-fives while we wait. More than likely, we will be drinking out of paper bags. 
And then, all of the sudden it will happen. The crowd will erupt into a chorus of cheers. People will yelp and holler. I might faint. Hopefully not, but I make no promises at this time. 
At this point, Pavement will be standing on stage preparing to being their set. They will have already played two shows together in the last two days. For the first few minutes, the fans will probably make more noise than the band. Eventually, Stephen Malkmus will approach the microphone. He'll probably smirk, and then say something clever. The show will then begin.
At this juncture, I can't imagine what else will happen. The prospect of actually seeing Pavement is almost too much to think about, and the fact that it will be 365 days until the show makes it even more daunting. Maybe, in a few months I can start to think about what songs they will play and stuff like that, but for now all I can do is play my albums over and over again until this magical day arrives.

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  1. Let it be known that we went on to see Pavement in NY in Sept 2010. It was rad, it was awesome, our ears orgasmed, and our minds were blown. They knocked me off my feet. Chris and I both know how hard it is to keep your balance at a good rock show. But this time it was him holding me up.

    CB often refuses to review shows of this caliber. But we were still fucking there and it was fucking awesome.